Valentine’s Day

Hurray! It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to think about your loved ones and promote red silly hearts.

Valentine's Day

Things I love 2017 edition:

My Kindle Fire-the books are not very heavy to carry via the Kindle!

Smashbooks My new hobby of smash book-smash book is kind of off the reseveration scrapbooking.  Smash BookThere are no rules, you can do whatever you want. I created a smash book for Project 50. I also had a smashbook for some free form smashing. I would open a book, stab a word with my finger, and then create a page about that word. That was really fun and maybe I will repeat that in March.

My Pups

My pups

The hubs

Stags Leap Wine Cellar

My parents

Me and the Parents


My health-I’m lucky to be in very good health. Some body parts don’t work like they used to, but I’m happy to still have the ability to use them in the general practiced way!

Have a wonderful love filled day!

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