Adventures Out of my Comfort Zone

Adventures outside my Comfort Zone

There are adventures out there outside of my comfort zone! I know, I would like to try almost anything. But there are some activities I won’t consider-well maybe I did consider but thought better of it.


Everest fascinates me. I’ve read many books written about ascents and accidents. I even watched the movie (I don’t think it was very factual.) Everest is too cold, too high, and too expensive. Mount Everest Outside the Comfort Zone I’ve been at 14,000 feet, I can’t imagine hanging out at Everest Base Camp at 17,000 feet and then climbing up to the top of the world.


I do have a bit of claustrophobia. I was actually fine when I went in the underground gold mine in Silverton, but it was brightly lit and the environment was controlled. But squeezing through small spaces in the dark?


Photo courtesy of David A. Riggs

 Where you could get stuck? Oh, no thank you.

Shark Cage

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to get in the water with great white sharks? Did nobody see Jaws? Or that You tube clip from when the shark proved greater than the cage?

I would rather go cave spelunking.

Body/Fitness Competitions

This is perhaps more of a challenge than an adventure, but I’m sure it feels like an adventure to the men and women of muscle building/fitness competitions when they are up on stage competing.  

I do not have the mental fortitude to faithfully stick to a regimented diet and work out schedule for months on end to get to their final goal.  My hat is off to them!

What adventure is clearly outside your comfort zone? Hit me up, I might get ideas for further adventures!


3 thoughts on “Adventures Out of my Comfort Zone

  1. mary

    I’ve been caving a bunch and love it. But the others, no thanks. Driving in the NASCAR, surfing, or sailing solo around the world (I’d do it with people) would be out of my zone as well.

  2. 1010ParkPlace

    Caving in fresh water is a risky thing to do… easy to get lost because the water’s so clear that you lose your sense of up and down and direction. I’ve done most everything, including racing Porsches for nine years… Hate to sound jaded, but to some degree I am. Hmmm… Don’t like the sound of that. Think I’ll have to ponder this further. Will let you know if I come up with anything. Brenda

  3. michelle

    For me, it is sky diving. I am terrified of flying in a plan and jumping out of one seems ludicrous. I thought about sky diving to confront my fear, but then I thought…NO…ARE YOU CRAZY??? hahah


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