First Timer at Buckeye Trail Fest

I am off today to Yellow Springs Ohio, to attend my first Buckeye Trail Fest!

What is Buckeye Trail Fest?

Buckeye Trail Fest

The Buckeye Trail Fest is the annual meeting and celebration of the Blue Blazed Trail that winds around the state of Ohio. There are hikes, bird watching, work shops, talks scheduled for attendees.  It is a very nice schedule of events, I have had to choose between favorites that are happening at the same time! A nice problem to have!


I’ve Lost My Voice!

The high tree pollen count has smote me. It started on Tuesday, at work, my voice getting huskier and huskier as the day went on. Wednesday, I had practically no voice at all, just a soft rasp.  Great! I’m going to Buckeye Trail Fest to meet and talk to new people! Talking being the key word here!

Today, the voice is a bit better. I am hoping the tree pollen in Yellow Springs will be a bit more advanced than my home area, and my allergies clear up a bit. I’m prepared to bring sharpie pen and notebook and write big notes to people if needed!

What I Hope to Accomplish at Trail Fest

I want to hike in some new areas to me. I want to attend some work shops in order to learn more about the Buckeye Trail, camping, photography. I want to get some good ideas for future writings from other hikers, such as “what has been the biggest mistake you’ve made hiking” “best piece of gear” “best advice” “favorite section of the Buckeye Trail” so you may see whip out my little notebook when we’re talking-if I have a voice!

I plan on writing a Trail Fest Report next week, stay tuned for that!

Are you attending Buckeye Trail Fest? Come on over to Yellow Springs!

One thought on “First Timer at Buckeye Trail Fest

  1. John Anderson

    Hi Kim
    I enjoyed meeting you at Trail Fest. Hope to do Trail Fest 2018. Some rain Friday night! I joined two other hikers in the dinning hall for the night. Floor was hard but we felt safe. When I checked my tent Saturday morning, it was sitting in water.
    Did get a hike in on Friday and Saturday. – all good.
    When we spoke about the bike/hike path in Guernsey County, you said you might come to a meeting with others wanting to extend the trail to Barnesville.
    The next meeting is on May 12th at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.
    To be discussed:
    Right of ways granted so far
    Right of ways still being sought
    Creating awareness –
    Quaker city festival in July
    Informational meeting in August ( and hopefully a drawing for bicycles)
    Come if you can.
    I’ll share more specifics as they become known to me.
    John Anderson


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