Biking the Conotton Creek Trail

Biking the Conotton Creek Trail

Conotton Creek Trail


The Conotton Creek Bike Trail is a bike trail that goes between the little Ohio towns of Bowerston and Jewett. It is eleven miles long. I was somewhat in the *area* and wanted to get a long bike ride in, so off to Scio I went. Scio is the little town in the middle of the bike path.

Covered Bridges

Conotton Creek Covered Bridge

A nice feature of this bike trail was the little covered bridges along the way.

Conotton Creek Covered Bridge

Conotton Creek Covered Bridge
Conotton Creek Covered Bridge

Rough Surfaces

The bike trail is a bit rougher than I remember.  There was an article in the local paper about applying for a grant to resurface the trail. I thought this would be good training for the more rough C&O Towpath Trail.


It was a cloudy overcast day for my ride. I think it would get a tad bit hotter in the summer months. There are little shelters every five miles or so along the trail, a good place to duck out a sudden thunderstorm.

I met Mr Snapper on his way cross trail.

lt was a little warm out, from the looks of my red cheeks!  I kept expecting rain to occur, it was nice to dodge that bullet.



I have installed my rear rack and a water bottle rack! This was my first ride with these installed,  I need to see if they need torqued down a bit. I carried my Wisp pack, with water and snacks brought along! I did drink all my water from the Camelbak, and was happy to have a granola bar at mile 18.

Twenty two miles in the book for this bike ridge! It was a change in my original plan, due to the overnight rain, but where there is the will, there is a way to fit in the training!


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