CO GAP 2017 Planning Daily Miles

Planning Daily Miles

Planning my CO GAP Daily Miles


Daily Miles

Days Available

I have Monday through Sunday available in August. I will leave Pittsburgh on Amtrak to travel to DC. I will then start my journey on Monday after arrival in DC.

Camping or Beds?

This is the big queston! See how many miles can I pedal?  Camping gives me more options. But I am travelling solo. Which only bugs me..a bit. If I camp, I have to bring camping gear. More weight. If I choose to stay inside, I have to make the mileage every day, to get to my reserved indoor space.

Tentative Plan

The plan:

Amtrak to DC Monday

C&O Towpath:

Bike to Miles 48-55 Point of Rocks, Brunswick, Maryland-camp

Bike to Mile 99  Williamsport, Maryland Hotel Room.

Bike to Mile 141 Little Orleans, Maryland, Camp.

Bile to Cumberland, Maryland Mile 184-hotel room

Great Allegheny Passage

Bike to Rockwood Pennsylvania Mile 44-camp

Bike to Connelsville, Pennsylvania Mile 88-hotel room

Bike to Pittsburgh, mile 135.

The basic plan is camp-room-camp-room-camp-room. If I don’t get clean on my camping days, I will at least shower every two days.

Plan H-The Husband Plan

The husband has made a gesture that he wants to join me. And by joining me, he means being my sag wagon and driving a vehicle, joining me at my hotel rooms in the evening.  If Plan H occurs, then I shall have a room at either a B&B on my camp days-like Leesburg, Paw Paw, Rockwood.  The H Plan makes it very easy for me, as I wouldn’t have to carry camp gear, or extra clothes.

I am training with the intention of going solo. The husband will have to make up his mind sooner than later, so I can reserve hotel rooms for the camping days. Stay tuned to see what plan is finally chosen!





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