CO GAP 2017 Recon on the GAP

I was in the Laurel Highlands, working the first Aid Station for the Laurel Highlands Race at Maple Summit Road.

Workng the first aid station means you are done by noon and have a lovely amount of time to spend in the Laurel Highlands.

I decided to bike from Ohiopyle to Connelsville. Ohiopyle to Connellsville is 17 miles. I was all game for that before I started. After? Not so much.

I much prefer OP in the off season.

I have spent lovely amounts of time in Ohiopyle. But it’s usually out of the town, on the running/hiking trails.

Tourists Everywhere

Tourists are everywhere  People walk-and ride-all over the place, unpredictably. I unclipped and spun in my lowest gear to keep my eye on people.

After two-three miles out of town, there was nobody.

Great Allegheny Passage

It was lovely through here, dappled sunlight reflecting in the greenery. The Yough River is on your right, you can hear the screams of the white water rafters having fun.

Yough River

Speed Up! The Second Fall/Fail

I decided ten miles one way was enough. As I was carefully turning on the trail, I was WHAM! Down again! A too slow turn means no momentum and down you go! This time, I landed on my knee and no handlebar in sternum.


The Incline

I took a little break after my fall, eating my sandwich and drinking some water. Falls do knock the stuffing out of you a bit. I felt kind of sluggish on the path.

Really? I couldn’t get up to the same gearage as I had started out in. Then I remembered the trail CLIMBS from west to east.  Ugh!

It’s gradual. It’s not bad. But I guess since I was tired, dehydrated, I wasn’t really loving the incline. I’m glad I found this out now.

On my ride I will be going East to West. Yes, my elevation is much bigger, but at a shorter distance, about 25 miles of more steep uphill, versus about 125 miles of a steady incline.

Daily Miles

Change of Plans: Going with Plan H

Mile 77 GAP

My husband has decided to join me on my CO GAP Adventure. Which means, he will be driving the vehicle on the journey, and I will be biking. I will meet him at the end of the day in a hotel room.  Which means A) less gear for me to carry B) baths and air conditioning daily C) change of clothing too!

Revised Daily Mileage

We have friends to stay with in DC, so we will drive to DC after my work on Sunday. Then, the schedule will be:

Monday-Mile 60 Harpers Ferry-gulp! Big miles, but that’s the idea!

Tuesday Mile 99 Williamsport

Wednesday Mile 156 Paw Paw West Virginia

Thursday Mile 184 Cumberland Maryland-end of the C&O Towpath

Friday Mile 44 (now on the Great Allegheny Passage) Rockwood-hotel room in Somerset, PA

Saturday Mile 88 Connelsville PA

Sunday Mile 150 Pittsburgh PA Finish

Onto getting more time in the saddle!

2 thoughts on “CO GAP 2017 Recon on the GAP

  1. michele h peterson

    I love cycling and your gap journey sounds like a winner. Good for you to get up after a fall especially with hills to go!


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