Social Media Day

It’s Social Media Day! But isn’t every day social media day? Does it ever sleep? Do people ever stop posting on platforms or downloading posts via tools like storiesig? I don’t think so, and it’s probably why social media is one of the biggest things in the world right now!
Social Media Day June 30

Ah, social media day. Where would we be without it? Did you know there is a college degree in becoming a social media celebrity? Say what you want about the negatives of social media, I would have fewer friends and adventures without it.


My main reason for joining Facebook was “all the runners” were on it. It is true, I’ve met new friends and had new trails to find since finding Facebook. I’ve “unfollowed” quite a few people in the last year. (Psst! Come over and LIKE my FB Blog Page pleease!)


I’ve been on Twitter since…2007? My Twitter surfing seems to come and go. Twitter has been useful in “watching” trail races via friends and irunfar live-tweeting of races. Of course, the best Twitter hashtag feed is #BM100, which is following the ever-growing popular Barkley Marathons in April. I also love using Twitter to keep up with news topics from around the world. Completed Twitter Profiles was all I was seeing. I could tell that some people had spent a lot of time on their profiles. Even though Twitter allows people to follow each other, there could be someone on the other side of the world who you’ve never spoken to, but find their profile to be interesting or just want to follow them to keep in contact. For example, a friend of mine lives in the Philippines so I like the fact that I can find out what is going on where she lives by browsing the trending topics page for Twitter-Trends-Philippines. The world is so connected nowadays and I think it is fascinating. Want to follow me on Twitter? You can find me on Twitter as @kim_today!


One of my Project 50 goals was “to figure out Instagram“. I think I did! I started following German Shepherd Dogs, and my feed got far more interesting! I learned that using relevant hashtags to my interest helps me find interesting folks to follow. My Instahandle is I’m not quite at the point where I could monetise my instagram page or even use an instagram visual planner to make my page look more aesthetically pleasing, but at least it’s a start!

Google Plus

I haven’t really gotten there with old Google Plus yet. Nope. Just took another look. I have a profile there, but I just don’t get it. Any tips for Google Plus?


I love Pinterest! I have lots of boards on all sorts of things I like. I don’t seem to get any more traffic to my blog from Pinterest, but I do get great ideas and recipes to try.


I thought I would figure out Snapchat in 2016, but then Instagram came out with “Stories” so I deleted my Snapchat account. Not knowing what someone’s user name was on Snapchat was just too hard to follow. Then IG just copied Snapchat, so I just stayed on IG. (I still don’t know how to make a “story” on IG.)



The MP3 Player is a Zune. Yes, it is an ancient antique invented and abandoned by Microsoft. I still love podcasts, but as my health has changed, my interests have changed a bit, and I have found new podcasts to enjoy.

New Podcasts This Year:

The Hamilcast: I discovered Hamilton An American Musical last year. Yes, it is everything it is hyped to be. I’ve recently finished Alexander Hamilton“>Hamilton by Ron Chernow-the biography that inspired Lin Manuel Miranda to write the musical. I have not seen the musical but am optimistic about maybe getting a ticket when the show travels to Cleveland. The Hamilcast is an energized fan girl podcast about Hamilton. It has become the unofficial podcast of Hamilton, and many of the latest podcasts are interviews with the actors in the show!

Outside In

A highly produced show from New Hampshire public radio, Outside In produces podcasts about nature-to bring the outdoors to you, where ever that may be. The shows are varied and well written.

Pedal Shift

As I prepare for my first bike tour, I was happy to find the Pedal Shift podcast. Tim is from the DC area, and has produced quite a few shows on the trails I am going to ride, the C&O Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage! I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge from him.

What are your favorite social media sites?

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