Summer Bucket List

It’s coming, it’s coming! Summer is coming soon, are you ready?

Summer Bucket list


How will  you celebrate summer this year? What is going to make your head snap up in late August and you realize you did not get around to do?

Why not make a list and check things off?  Print your list off, post it on the frig or bulletin board, and see how many activities you can incorporate into  your summer living. Why not try something new, outside your comfort zone?

My Summer Bucket List

go swimming

Stand up paddle board (you can rent these at many state park locations for an hour or two)

eat an ice cream sundae

Go fishing

Slack line

Set up  a hammock


visit a farmer market

visit a local garden

Plant a few tomatoes even in a pot for summer flavor

Eat some sweet corn

Hang your clothes on a clothes line

Watch a baseball game live. It doesn’t have to be Major League. Watch T-ball or watch senior citizens play ball, it’s really worth it!

Play frisbee

Make a fire and have some s’mores

Fly a kite-get one at the Dollar Store!

Get out and watch fireworks around the 4th of July. This year, I’m going to make the effort to go “to town” to watch

Observe the total sun eclipse August 21 2017

Ride your Bike somewhere

Go to the county fair or other local state celebration

What are you going to do this glorious summer?

One thought on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Lynda Welcome

    great list,Kim ! is slack lining something to do with fishing? (excuse the ignorance!) and I didn’t know about the solar eclipse…..


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