Big Miles

Holy smokes, my big ride, my CO GAP 2017, is happening in about one month!

Big Miles

I need to get some miles in!

Sippo Valley

Mileage Plan

I parked at Fort Laurens, biked thru Bolivar, and then took the Ohio-Erie Towpath North.

Bike Trail Route


When I got to the break in the trail-which is just over a bridge-I decided to take the Sippo Trail, which goes west to Dalton. It is ten miles long, which makes another twenty miles under my belt.
Turn Around Trail

After a fairly sketch first half  mile, you exit the city area and are into the suburbs and country life.

Sippo Valley Trail


After a few miles, the asphalt turns into limestone trail. The Sippo Trail is pretty tree covered.Sippo Valley Trail

Sippo Valley Trail

Sippo Trail

When I got back to the Ohio Eric Towpath, I decided to just head back south. I meant to ride 60 miles, I rode 52 miles instead.

Longest Ride to Date!

Big Miles

I did really well on this bike ride eating and drinking. I had to hop off the bike a few times because of hydrating a little too well! It was interesting to see the differences between 7 hours running and 7 hours biking-you just are not beat up the same way as running.

Time Factor

I am a bit concerned about the time factor. This was seven hours of pretty much biking. I did stop once each hour to get my butt off the saddle, stretch, drink, eat.  I will be stopping much more on the C&O Towpath to take pictures, etc.

Fast Forward my Bike Ride

The more I think about it, I realize this is my bike tour. I can do whatever I want. My first day of touring will be 59 miles. I may bail out at fifty miles and call my husband (who is driving a vehicle and coming along) to cut the day short. Maybe. There is no DQ or Bike Police out there to dictate the terms of my ride.

I still need another long bike ride, preferably two back to back long rides. The clock is ticking!


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