Try Five New Things This Summer

Try something different in July!

Paint Your Nails

Paint Your Nails a Color You Normally Would Not. Try…blue? Green?   paint your nailsIf you are a guy, paint your toenails. I dare you.

Eat a Vegetable You Hate

Eat a vegetable you hate. See if you still hate it. Maybe you don’t!!

Read a Book

Books on my Reading List

Read a book in a different genre that you normally select. Read a mystery? Read a romance? Read a non fiction book?

Drive a different route to work

new route

Drive to work-or drive home-on a route you normally don’t drive if you can. So it takes you longer. Big deal. See some landscape that you normally don’t see.

Go out of town


Go out of your town and spend a day in a town that you really haven’t visited in your state. (We’re visiting Dayton!)

Do something different for the fleeting month of July and report back here!

5 thoughts on “Try Five New Things This Summer

  1. Rena

    It’s nice to get outside of your comfort zone once in a while. I recently took a spontaneous road trip without even knowing what direction we were heading in. Just driving until we decided to stop. Made a lovely circle for the weekend.

  2. Rachee

    I am doing a bucket list for July too! I will try a new vegetable this month because who couldn’t stand to try something a little healthier? I want to do a road trip and think I am going to scoop my family up and head to the shore soon.


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