Bike Gear for my CO GAP Bike Tour

Bike Gear for CO GAP 2017


I’m bringing my bike! It’s the only bike I have. It’s a Specialized Myka hybrid bike.

Myka Bika

Mile 77 on the GAP Trail, my recon in June

Bike  Stuff

(there are affiliate links below. If you click on a pic, it will take you to an Amazon link for the item, where I may earn a small amount of money, just need to let you know!)

I bought Ortleib waterproof panniers for the rear bike. When I was shopping, I thought I was doing the camp-hotel-camp routine, so I was planning on carrying much more stuff.

I needed something to mount the panniers to, I bought a Top Peak Bike Rack:


I needed a water bottle mount, similar to this one:

There is the bike repair stuff:

The bike pump. I have finally figured out how to use it

My multi tool:

A spare inner tube:

Bike Tire Levers to get the tire on and off. I will carry three with me.

Spare Shimano Cleat Screws-I’ve already used!

I will also carry some zipties and duct tape. Also the number of bike shops on or near the towpath on the section of trail that I am on.

Bike Bag I have a smaller version of a bag like this for my front handlebars. It will hold my camera and cell phone

I have another smaller bag to affix to the down bar. Being that I have a female bike, I don’t have the long pole to hang other things on. I may wear my SPI Belt to keep my money and ID in, so I don’t forget to take it with me when I hop off the bike.

Bike Lock-I will take a bike lock with me, it’s not quite a six foot long one like this I hope where I am going bike security won’t be that big of a problem. I’m not planning on stopping long on my bike tour.

Another note: my husband will be driving the SAG wagon, (support and gear) where I will meet up at the end of each day. This gives me the luxury of having spare items in the vehicle for further back up. We also attached a bike rack to the rear of the wagon to make transporting the bike to the various locations easier.

What did I miss? What did you carry for a supported daily tour?

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