Day Five of my CO GAP Bike Tour

Great Allegheny Passage Trail

The Start of the Great Allegheny Passage Trail

I slept horribly at the Fairfield  Inn and Suites but so did my husband so maybe it was just the mattress. I was concerned about the 24 mile uphill to the Eastern Continental Divide.

Great Allegheny Passage Trail

I exited the hotel. Humidity just slapped me in the face. Find Mile Zero and I’m off! 150 miles to go!

GAP Mile Zero

First two miles of  the Great Allegheny Passage Trail are flat. Yay, only 22 miles uphill!


Mile One Cumberland GAP

haze is real

Then the uphill begins.

It’s Not that Bad

The Railroad is not even 3% grade. As long as I biked beside the railroad  tracks it would be manageable. I thought about how far I have come. Great Allegheny Passage Trail A year ago, I would have been gasping in my granny gear, now I am pedaling along, in the middle gear, for 22 miles uphill! Who would have thought that?


Frostburg has a water fountain at the trail head.Hurray! I really didn’t want to ride up to the train depot although it was not very far up the hill.

Mile 5 GAP Trail

The trail seemed to get steeper past Frostburg. I just kept  up with the JRA ” just ride along” mantra. I played my music thru my little portable boombox and sang along.

Mason Dixon Line

I come to the Mason Dixon Line. The dividing line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the symbolic divider of the North and South.

Big Savage Tunnel


Overlook at the Big Savage Tunnel. Overcast day, little views

I got to Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. It just seemed so “little” that  a train did cross through this tunnel!

It was foggy and cold. The cold and fog didn’t bother me, I just didn’t want a head on collision with bikers in the opposite direction. I had my bike light and small hand held light on. The tunnel is also lit.

Eastern Continental Divide

There is a slight last climb to the ECD of course. At least there are other bikers there to take my picture.

Eastern Continental Divide

I call to tell the husband I have made it to the ECD. He warns me of big thunderstorm heading my way. I check my phone. Yep, it looks like a big storm!

Somehow the storm goes around me. I’m stoked to be on a downslope now, and make one quick stop in Meyersdale for an ice cream sandwich.

before biking on to Rockwood. I’m a little leery of the “end of the day” flat tire, but I believe I’ve got the pebble out and flat tires should be a thing of the past.

Rockwood PA GAP TrailWhee! End of the first day on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. Trail conditions are better on the GAP Trail.

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