Day Three of my CO GAP Bike Tour

CO GAP Day Three

Williamsport Mile 100


I had a nice filling breakfast at the Waffle House. I lucked out leaving Williamsport on Wednesday. The Conococheague Aqueduct construction was beginning on Thursday! I avoided one detour.

C&O Canal Towpath

Today would be a shorter day, since I was going to be extracted at Little Orleans, Maryland, and avoid the Paw Paw tunnel detour. It was back to the green tunnel.

Fort Frederick Mile 112

I had planned on taking the Western Maryland Rail Trail. This asphalt trail runs parallel to the C&O Towpath Trail. The map was handy. I biked through the Fort, then took a left on Big Pool Road, and the Western Maryland Rail Trail would be down the road about a half mile.

I found it! It was a welcome change to get off the mud puddles of the C&O Towpath, and just cruise on asphalt. I didn’t have to watch out for mud, I could sit up, I could just cruise and go! It was a bit noisy, as much of it was along a highway.

Perhaps I missed some sites on the C&O Towpath, but I was happy to just make miles down the trail.

Back to the C&O Canal Towpath Trail

Flat Number Two, also at end of my day!

When I exited the Maryland Rail Trail back to C&O Canal Towpath, I literally had about one mile to go. I could tell I was getting a flat. I pumped some air into the tire and tried to ride a bit more. I got a little ways down the trail.  Then I believed I pushed the bike about a half mile to where my husband was waiting.  I had another flat, but I was going to deal with that once we got to Paw Paw, West Virginia, where the B&B was.


My husband had picked up Simon, who was from Wales, and biking westward through the US. My husband had warned him about the Paw Paw Tunnel detour and asked if Simon was in shape. Simon said “no, I am not!!” so my husband offered him a ride around the detour, since we were all heading that way!

WrenWood Inn B&B

I fixed my flat in the shade of the Wrenwood Inn B&B, while drinking a beer. Once that was finally done, we headed across the street to Ellie’s Ice Cream, to get a sub sandwich for dinner. We spent a relaxing evening with Simon and a few others, drinking wine and beer and chatting.

Wrenwood Inn B&B

Carol had a lovely breakfast for us in the morning. It was 930 am before I was off for the day, my latest start!

Paw Paw West Virginia

Paw Paw Tunnel

The Paw Paw Tunnel is closed for a scaling project. This is where they remove all the loose shale and rock so it doesn’t come down as a landslide, like this:

Here’s what the Paw Paw Tunnel looks like:

My husband extracted me at Little Orleans, Maryland, and I avoided the entire detour. Sometimes it’s good to fast forward through a section!

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