Personal Items for my CO GAP Bike Tour

Personal Items CO GAP 2017


This post I will discuss the personal items for my first bike tour. This is first aid,  nutrition, hydration, clothing.

First Aid

I’ve made a mini first aid bag to carry. This has tape, bandaids, alcohol pads, gauze bandages, sting kills (for bee stings), diphenhydramine for allergic reactions, Tylenol, Tums, Imodium AD. I’m a former ultra runner so this is similar to what I would carry for an ultra.  This is not that I am anticipating an injury, but this could help out someone else on the trail.

First Aid in Vehicle-I will also have a bigger kit in the vehicle, mainly because I can have it, full of more miscellaneous first aid items.


This is probably the less thought out portion of my daily ride. I tend to not remember to eat while biking. There doesn’t seem to be that many places to easily get food without going off the trail, so I want to make sure I have food. This is where ultra running history comes into play.

I will probably carry a sandwich with me, along with various foods to nibble on, such as crackers, cookies, foods with a high caloric count.


I have Tailwind left over from my last training days as a runner. I’m going to carry a bottle of Tailwind powder to dump into my water supply.  This has electrolytes and calories in it.


Ultragen is a recovery supplement. I just bought a new vat of it, yummy Orange Cream flavor-tastes like Orange Creamsickle! I’m planning on having a serving of this daily as soon as I finish biking for the day.


My clothes are pretty simple. Bike shorts and running tops. I have normal socks. I don’t have to worry about washing clothes on tour, I have enough clothes where I can just discard into the dirty clothes pillow case for the day.  Well, I do have to wear my bike shorts for two days in a row, I don’t have enough to go around.

Waterproof Clothing

I will have available my good Marmot Precip jacket, which I won’t carry unless it looks like rain in the forecast. I will carry my emergency poncho with me.  I don’t have waterproof pants that currently fit.  I am biking in August, it should not be that big of a deal.  Of course, having the SAG wagon lets me bring more clothes items, like long sleeves and pants if needed.


Of course there are electronics! I will be carrying my camera, phone, and Zune. I like to take pictures with my camera. The phone is more of a communication device (I know, call me crazy) to keep in touch with my husband, not to surf Facebook or post pictures on Facebook or Instagram.  The Zune is my old MP3 player, to listen to when I want on long stretches on the towpath. I have bought a little portable speaker called a Boombotix

(Affiliate link, it will take you to Amazon where I get a few pennies if you buy one) that I have not used on a bike ride yet, but if I am all by myself I may play some music out loud.


This is my first bike tour, so it’s all an experiment of one!

Any items I am forgetting?

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