National Women’s Fitness Day

The last Wednesday in September is celebrated as National Women’s Fitness Day.

Why a National Women’s Fitness Day?

To celebrate and draw attention to encourage women to take care of their own health. Many times women are busy being the caregivers of both the younger generation (children) and the other generation (parents) that they don’t take the time for themselves.

What Can You Do?

Get out, get active! If you already exercise, that’s great! If you don’t move on a regular basis, why not get out for a walk today?   Why not sign up for that yoga or barre class you’ve thought about?

Make that doctor appointment

Can’t get motivated to work out? Okay, pick up the phone or computer mouse and make your annual doctor appointment.

Drink Some Water

Have you drank your daily water requirement yet? That fancy water bottle isn’t going to drink itself!

Every day should be National Women’s Fitness Day!




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