Step Out of Your Comfort Zone-Buy Wine at Aldi

Step Out of your Comfort Zone

I heard there was an award winning bottle of wine available at our local Aldi grocery store. (Or, here in Ohio, it’s always called * Aldis*. It’s a Buckeye thing.)

Shopping at Aldi

We’ve shopped at Aldi since they popped up here in Ohio. They used to be more of a bulk food type store. The food items were left on pallets. You brought your own bags-or bought them at the store. There were very good prices on most food items.


Aldi Remodel

It seems most Aldi stores were remodeled in the last few years, and the concept of the store has changed a bit. Prices are higher. Items are placed on shelves now. There is more environmental friendly lighting and organic products available. I’ve read the company is starting to copy the Whole Foods 365 model.

Wine at Aldi

Some Aldi stores carry wine. We’ve tried a few bottles from the store-why resist a 4.99 bottle of wine? What do you have to lose? We’ve become a bit more fond of wines recently after a friend of ours was gifted wine subscriptions every month. Going over for a tasting on delivery day is a nice little ritual, and it’s opened us up to trying more of the tipple. So, when we saw this bottle at Aldi we figured it was worth a go.

Aldi Rose

The Award Winning Wine

The Cotes de Provence 2016 Rose earned a silver medal at the International Wine Challenge. The rose is a blend of syrah, grenache, and cinsault grapes.



It was good. Light, with a bit of a strawberry flavor, but not sweet. Yes it as probably the best 7.99 Rose I’ve had. I did not do a blind taste test like this article did, and they concluded they couldn’t taste the difference. So why not take a chance on eight bucks and buy a bottle? But buy it now, this was a special purchase~and drink it today, rose wine is not meant to be cellared!

I’m a big wine fan. I drink it a lot (probably too much), but took my obsession further last week by purchasing an ‘on cloud wine ‘ apron! I love it! For those of you who share my passion for wine, you can get a variety of wine-themed merchandise here. This award winning wine and one of those would make a great present for any wine lover.

Happy wining!

Aldi Rose Wine

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