Planning Your Next Adventure

Planning my adventure

For some of us, it is the winter season in the United States. If you are not a skier, this may be considered the “off season”.
This is a good time to start dreaming and plan your next adventure.


Now is the time to write stuff down! Everything you can think of that you would like to do. Take an art class? Ride a Ferris Wheel? White water rafting? Visit a new park or city? Bike tour? Run a race? Here’s a cool list or try this list for some ideas.

Big Adventures

Is this the year of big adventures? Will you travel to another country..or another state? Leaving the United States for a vacation will definitely reward you with a much-needed change. How about something like Costa Rica? It’s tropical with some gorgeous views to take in, and offers plenty of activities like bird watching by It’s definitely a memory you’ll never forget, with a flurry of colorful birds flying above! Make a list of what NEW things you could encounter in a different town or city to try like the bird watching suggested. Zegrahm Adventure Travel may be able to assist you in going to your dream destination.
Which reminds me, you might even want to consider completing a challenge course! There are some fantastic adventure trails out there that include climbing walls, ziplines and much more, so if you are an adrenaline junkie, you could consider doing some research into finding one of these courses. One of my friends has recently completed her challenge course training, so I will be asking her for some useful tips and tricks before I start looking for an adventure course to test my limits.

Small Adventures

Is this not the time for a big long epic wildlife safari? Then it’s micro adventure time. But there still needs to be a bit of planning for these. Life does get in the way, let’s make sure adventure time happens too.

Life Moves Pretty Fast

My 2018 List

My 2018 is going to be split between hiking and biking. I want to log more miles on the Buckeye Trail, and I want to take several biking tours. As I need a pair of boots that will last me the year, I’ll always take a look at a hiking boot guide to ensure I get a pair that are top quality and really comfortable!
Our big vacation this year will be visit the Caribbean island of Grenada, where lots of adventure will occur.

I also have to look at my work schedule weekends. For example, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure 2018 occurs over my work weekend-scratch that possibility.

Ohio to Erie Trail

I meant to ride the Ohio to Erie Trail this past fall. I let life get in the way. I am not going to let this happen again! I’m going to ride from Cincinnati to Cleveland, or vice versa. This will happen in the first six months of 2018!

Other bike tour possibilities: Erie Canalway Trail; Katy Trail 237 miles. Shorter, but farther away.

Other Outside the Comfort Zone Adventures

Polar Bear Plunge? Karaoke? Karaoke after a polar bear plunge?

Keep your List Handy

Keep your 2018 Adventure List out in the open where you can see it. Then it won’t be suddenly August and you haven’t clicked off any fun or maybe “not so fun” adventures off the list!

adventure list

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