Week Two Art Journal Challenge Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal


I’ve been pretty fascinated with bullet journals. I’ve “pinned” many pages on my Pinterest account. When it comes to bullet journals, using Pinterest for inspiration does help a lot. You are able to look at other journals and eventually find the inspiration you need to take your journal one step further. The best thing about this is that you can pretty much do whatever you want as this journal does belong to you and no one else. You don’t need all the pens in the world to give this a go, but you may find that later on, the more stationary you have, the more you can do when it comes to being creative. If you are someone who is planning on taking this seriously, why not check out companies such as Office Monster to get your hands on all the stationary essentials you may need. You may find that bullet journaling is one of the best projects you have ever undertaken.

When my little pen landed on “bullet journal” I pondered what to create for one week.

Week Two Art Journal Bullet Journal

Since I have been reading much more this year, I decided to go with “Books to Read” on the right. I listed my all time favorite books on the left.

Bullet Journal Books to Read Page

That still left the lower left quadrant. What to list?


Since I am a podcast junkie, I decided to list my favorite podcasts in January, then revisit my page in December and list my favorites, to see if there is any overlap. Sometimes my podcast attention span changes rapidly, so it will be fun to see what topics I have migrated to eleven months later.

Podcast Bullet Journal Page

On to Week Three!

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