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Lessons Learned on the Fat Bike Today

Today I finally got my butt outside and rode Helga! We went around the block, 7 miles. It took me less time than I expected. I’m more out of shape than I thought.

Lessons Learned on the Fat Bike Today

Lessons Learned in the Fat Bike Today

Get correct size cycling booties

The temperature was about 36F when I started my ride. I decided to try out my neoprene shoe covers, similar to these Pearl iZUMi Pro Barrier WXB MTB Shoe Cover 
to see if these would keep my feet warm. I believe I did not buy the right size, even though I bought a Large. I couldn’t get the shoe covers to attach in the back. Walking up the first hill, the left one pretty much detached and flopped along. I took it off and stuffed it in my pocket.If I can’t figure out if these are the right size, I’m going to take my friend’s advice and wear plastic baggies over my feet, under my sock. Same principal and cheaper. (The ride warmed up and it wasn’t even applicable.)

Wear Protective Lenses

As I rode down my first hill, I noticed the mud spattering all the way TO MY FACE! I knew I would get muddy, but didn’t expect to have mud on my face, in my mouth-and then-SPLASH-mud in the eye!

Why didn’t I wear my biking (safety glasses) or at least sunglasses with my contacts? It wasn’t sunny, so I didn’t see the need for them. Now I do!  Glasses will keep mud out of your eyes! And bugs!

Fenders Can Be Beneficial

I knew I was going to get muddy, but I didn’t anticipate HOW muddy I would be. Fenders are looking like a very good purchase for Helga in the very near future.

Lessons Learned on the Fat Bike Today

Get Something to Cover your Water Bottle With

I ride a muddy township road. We live among the Amish who also travel these roads. The Amish drive buggies, powered by horses. Horses leave their road apples everywhere. So that mud splashing up on me is not just mud, it’s mixed up with horse manure. Which led to me looking at my water bottle:

Lessons Learned on the Fat Bike TodayEw! I tried wiping off the little nozzle and just squirting the water into my mouth, not touching it to my lips. Next time, I think I might cover the top with a plastic baggie, therefore keeping the spout of it clean for me. Better safe than sorry.

I Need to Get Outside More

I had fun out there even with the mud splatters and pushing my bike up all the hills. I was pleasantly tired after, which means I need to go bike more!

Week Six Art Journal Challenge Dream Fire Tower

Art Journal FailAnother weird prompt that I wrote! Where does this come from?

I know where the fire tower comes from, I spent the night in a fire tower on the Summer Soltise last summer.

My First Weekly Challenge Fail

Unfinished! A big fail on my part!

Week Six Fail

Week Six Fail

I couldn’t get my limited artistic abilities around this. I couldn’t draw the cool fire tower that I envisioned. I was tired after work and didn’t feel like working on it. I also wasn’t too interested in doodling a bit in moments before work. I kind of shot myself in the foot.

How Not to Fail

There are no rules to this challenge. I made this up! So, if the prompt doesn’t give me some creative ideas in the first day or two of the week, I’m either going to 1) chuck it and just doodle something for the week 2) choose another prompt  or maybe 3) Pick a random “wreck this journal” prompt off Pinterest and have at it.

Today is Another Week

Oh well, onto the next week!

Adventure Summit

Adventure Summit Report

Adventure Summit Report

A bright spot in the middle of the winter doldrums, I drove over to Wright State University for their Adventure Summit. A chance postcard picked up at last year’s Buckeye Trailfest, I had never heard of this free event before.


There were plenty of vendors in the exp. Busy Expo Adventure Summit

Busy Expo Adventure Summit

Buckeye Trail Booth

Even Bigfoot made an appearance!


Schedule of Events

There were fitness classes, some competitions, and presentations Friday night and all day Saturday. There were enough interesting sounding topics that it was hard to pick what to attend!

Boulder Comp Adventure Summit

My Three Favorite Presentations

Terry presented on having adventure, at any age, at any cost. She had recently done a challenge “30 Days of Crazy” where she had to do *something new* every day for thirty days. (In hind sight, she said she would give herself more than thirty days). This actually led to her writing a book about her “30 Days of Crazy”. She actually told us about the book writing process and how it was quite hard to find things like a Book cover designer if you don’t look in the right place. It sounded like a very long process but she said it was well worth it in the end! Terry encourages all of us to get out and experience an adventure, no matter how small.

Adventure Challenge

The next speaker was Richard, who biked East to West across the United States. Richard spoke extremely well, with a great self deprecating sense of humor. I picked up a few good tips for my bike touring.

Biking Across the Country

My favorite talk was Hiking the Camino de Santiago.

Hiking the Camino

This has become somewhat of an obsession with me lately-I should save that for another blog post! This married couple went on their Camino in 2017. They were great public speakers, and their room was packed! They should have moved their presentation to the main speaker room, but nobody probably knew the Camino was going to be such an attraction!adventuresummitsign


This was an all free presentation at Wright State University. I recommend that you check it out next year!

Biking at the Beach

I finally went outside today! It’s the first time since about the first of the year that I opted outside!

Biking at the Beach

I was all set to do this great hike at Caesar’s Creek on my birthday..but the negative temperatures and unfamiliar terrain made me pause. Then it seemed the weather was wicked on my days off, and I was too wimpy and lazy to go outside. If I was still running, I would have been outside 5 days out of 7. Because that’s what ultra runners do. Since I no longer run, I no longer have a great training goal which gets me outside.  I need the outside, people.

Plan IT

Today, my day off from work, I planned to take Helga out. I settled on Salt Fork State Park, the home of many trail runs for me. I decided to go ride Helga on the beach, as I really haven’t spent much time on the beach area of the park.

Biking at the Beach

Juggling Clothes

Being a cyclist is much different than being a runner. I’m still struggling with what to wear biking versus running. The wind chill can be greater on the bike, and I have to think about feet staying warm biking.Biking at the Beach

No Wind

I lucked out today. It was about 24 F, but with little wind. The cold wind off a body of water can be killer cold.  I biked around the beach area.

Biking at the Beach

I wandered down a few mowed areas that I had never been to before. They weren’t very long.

Biking at the Beach

Nobody was out on this Tuesday noon, but I did see tracks that someone had been afoot lately.

Biking at the Beach

I was glad I broke my inside streak and opted outside. I love being outside and experiencing new places. I just need to plan my outings, to make sure I actually get out and do them!

Biking at the Beach

Week Five Art Journal Challenge Numbers


Week Five Art Journal Challenge Numbers

This is something I can get my head around! Let’s art journal about numbers!

Angel Numbers

A co-worker mentioned “angel numbers” during this week. Since I’ve been thinking about numbers,I perked right up. Apparently, when you see a random “pattern” of numbers, that could be the angels sending you a message. That’s pretty cool.

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Three is a Magic Number

Who Could Forget “Three is a Magic Number” from Schoolhouse Rocks?

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

“Every triangle has three corners, every triangle has three sides
No more, no less, you don’t have to guess
When it’s three, you can see
It’s a magic number”

It Goes to Eleven

There is the iconic “This is Spinal Tap” movie, where Nigel explains their special speakers; they go to eleven.

These Go to Eleven


I’ve had fun with “numbers” this week. Special numbers popped into my head-Route 66, 9-11, Cloud Nine, the Magic Eight Ball, even the Poop Emoji. Oops, don’t forget the Special Pi Number that makes up the border!

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

This has been my most fun week. Onto Week Six!