Week Six Art Journal Challenge Dream Fire Tower

Art Journal FailAnother weird prompt that I wrote! Where does this come from?

I know where the fire tower comes from, I spent the night in a fire tower on the Summer Soltise last summer.

My First Weekly Challenge Fail

Unfinished! A big fail on my part!

Week Six Fail

Week Six Fail

I couldn’t get my limited artistic abilities around this. I couldn’t draw the cool fire tower that I envisioned. I was tired after work and didn’t feel like working on it. I also wasn’t too interested in doodling a bit in moments before work. I kind of shot myself in the foot.

How Not to Fail

There are no rules to this challenge. I made this up! So, if the prompt doesn’t give me some creative ideas in the first day or two of the week, I’m either going to 1) chuck it and just doodle something for the week 2) choose another promptĀ  or maybe 3) Pick a random “wreck this journal” prompt off Pinterest and have at it.

Today is Another Week

Oh well, onto the next week!

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