Top 10 Activities to Pursue Whilst Waiting for Barkley Marathons Updates

Barkley Marathons Top Ten

Another year, another Barkleys Marathon. Last year I was lucky enough to crew for a Barkley runner.

Gate Guardian

Me babysitting the Yellow Gate while my runner ran around in the woods all night and day.

You know what? You get more intel sitting at home in front of the computer than in camp! Plus it’s far more comfortable! You can’t spend all your time on your phone as there is limited space to charge up a phone. Cell coverage is still poor there.

Lazarus Lakes Barkley Marathons

My latest Top Ten List Whilst Waiting for the elusive and cryptic Barkley Marathons Update

    1. Go for a run-there is time. Nobody is going to come back to camp within six hours at the earliest unless they have quit already. Go run a 5k, half-marathon, hey, even a 50K can be raced before you hear of updates from the front runners. Mike Wardian
    2.  Read an account of a very long first loop-32 hours. Spoiler alert: they timed out.
    3. Watch Inside the Documentary at Popcorn Talk, where producer Annika Illtis chats about the making of “The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young”.
    4. Since you have plenty of time, kindly peruse Christian Griffiths 2010 Barkley Race Report
    5. Read a book. Specifically, Cathy Henn’s “Danger Beyond the Yellow Gate”. Cathy is the wife of Raw Dog and the mother of Danger Dave. Cathy knows her Barkley! Danger Beyond the Yellow Gate
    6. Read some of my curated lists from over the years! Here is 2017 Barkley Interviews, My 2017 Top Ten, My Top Ten 2016 List,
    7. Watch “Where Dreams Go to Die”. It is-was available to download in March. Will Gary pull off five loops this year? Race Director Tools
    8. Check out  the map of FHSP and pretend to be a Barker! Look at those really close together contour lines! Frozen head state park map
    9. Read Frozen Ed Furtaw’s Book “Tales from Out There”. Your best Barkely reference tool.
    10. Listen to a long form interview with John Fegyversi on Ten Junk Miles-very good!

Is anyone back to camp yet?

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