Art Journal Challenge Week Seventeen Christmas

I did it! I pulled off my week seventeen Art Journal Challenge, even though I left town on Thursday and am still out of town!

I was inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer art journal for ten minutes a day. Tuesday morning, I decided to paint some gold blocks on my still blank week seventeen page.

Okay. I liked the gold blocks. After work on Tuesday, I added green blocks. On Wednesday morning, I decided to cut my scrapbook pages I had torn out on Sunday into squares.

Now it seems like my theme is squares. I pick up a random stencil. I stencil a few squares in green. I’m leaving in the morning for Hocking Hills, so I tuck the journal with a few markers, and find time to glue and embellish over the next day or so.


I like how random this turned out. Looking at this in the photo, it seems a bit sparse, but it really isn’t, on the page. I’m satisfied.


Art Journal Challenge Christmas

Onto Week Eighteen!

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