Art Journal Challenge Week Fifteen Cities

This week’s Art Journal Prompt was Cities!



I’m not a city person. When I first think “city” I think, buildings, steel, traffic, lots of people, streets, cars.

Beauty in Cities

But sure, there is beauty in cities. I’ve seen great ‘works of art’ in some graffiti. I guess I wouldn’t want it if I owned the building, but is there a way to stop it?


What about gardens and parks? They are usually beautiful. People can get a little bit of a nature fix with a flower pot on a balcony. I really like the idea of rooftop vegetable gardens.

This was a fairly easy prompt to work with. I had printed out an old city map of Berlin, the picture on the left is of Columbus from inside the Columbus Statehouse.

Monopoly Stamps

The Monopoly stamps I found in the air duct in our guest bedroom-who knows how  old these are! I had to figure out how many years we’ve been in our house, so these have to be more than 18 years old..


(Remember that game from McDonalds?) A little internet research showed this should have been the game from 1995.

artjournalchallengeweekfifteencitiesThis was a pretty good prompt for the week. I actually did a little writing, or journalling on this challenge.  Onto Week Sixteen!


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