Art Journal Challenge Week Fourteen Little Red Riding Hood



This week the pen landed on Little Red Riding Hood for the week fourteen prompt. It’s the fourteenth week of the year! Where is the time going?

Daffodils in snow

Why won’t spring arrive in Ohio?

Little Red Riding Hood

With this prompt I had an immediate idea of what I wanted to do. I just about nailed it. I decided to quit before I ruined it.


I painted too deep a blue on the left hand side,trying to cover up the orange that bled through from the week/page before. I gesso’d the page, painted it twice, and finally hit it with the deep blue. Oops. I painted over it again. I decided to add trees to try and mask my mistake. I then quit before I wore a hole in the notebook.


Close Calls

I set the notebook down next to the hot air register, wanting to dry up the paint to move on. My German Shepherd then picked it up in his mouth and settled down to chew! Luckily I caught him in the act. I’m growing rather attached to my little Book of Challenges. I think it’s going to be a cool momento for the Year 2018.


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