Art Journal Challenge Week Thirteen Hurricanes


Ooh, Week Thirteen, the unlucky number, and my pen happened to land on Hurricanes! I think we can all agree hurricanes are unlucky. They’re big, formidable, unstoppable, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Art Journal Challenge hurricane


Three song lyrics came to mind from “hurricanes”. Two are from the American musical “Hamilton”.  Alexander Hamilton writes one of his first essays after a hurricane hits the island of Nevis. This comes from the first song of the musical, called “Alexander Hamilton”

Art Journal Challenge hurricane

Then Lin Manuel Miranda brings the theme back around again, where Hamilton decides he can write himself out of the scandal that could have been brewing about an alleged embezzlement by outing himself and his sexual affair by writing about it!!

Art Journal Challenge hurricane

“Like a Hurricane” is an old Neil Young song. This is also one of Young’s song, if you saw him Live in Concert, goes on for about ten minutes.

Art Journal Challenge hurricane


I dabbled with crayons, pens, paint, ephemera (fancy word for paper). Onto Week Fourteen!

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