Art Journal Challenge Week Nineteen Tree Graffiti

art journal challenge tree graffiti


I have a odd little side hobby of photographing tree graffiti. This started on trail runs years ago. I would ponder, whatever happened to MW and CJ? Do they still love each other? Are they together? Do they remember their time in the park, and carving initials on trees?

art journal challenge tree graffiti

Tree Graffiti is Wrong!

I do not condone carving anything into trees. It is one way to kill a tree faster! Please don’t do this! That being said, what is done is done. I wasn’t the person who long ago carved a word, initials, or a heart into a tree.

art journal challenge tree graffiti

Historical Tree Graffiti

A British student has been studying and tracing military tree graffiti, sometimes being able to trace the graffiti back to the soldier and family.

Another cool story from tree graffiti in a Dutch Village to a family in Toronto.

Arborglyphs are tree carvings. The Basque sheepherders in Nevada carved ornate pictures into the aspen trees. Here is a link to those stories, pretty cool!

Supplies Used

Since I realized I didn’t like unused white space, I first painted the page green. Then I doodled in my tree trunks, with my initials and true love “carved” onto the page. Perusing my little art journal folder, I found some actual pieces of tree bark (foraged from the ground, not peeled off the tree!) and glued those in.  I  printed out some of my tree graffiti pics. I got the idea to make a raised “carving” on my actual tree graffiti page. This was done with Elmer’s Glue and paint. Which didn’t work! art journal challenge tree graffiti I then smeared it into a square and added more graffiti on the top.

My printed tree graffiti pics are a bit dark, which doesn’t show too well when I took a photo of the finished challenge, but I am happy with the way this week turned out.

art journal challenge tree graffiti

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