Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Mystery


Art Journal Challenge Mystery

Ha! It’s a mystery I got this done at all!

art journal challenge week twenty mystery

I’ve been crazy busy in my “spare time” trying to plant a garden, clean house, and get organized for my 326 mile bike ride next week.  I just realized I might want to have a light with me, now I have to go scramble and look for that.

art journal challenge week twenty mystery


Mystery Hack

Most of this page came from a previously made mixed media in a “junk journal” aka an old Judy Bolton mystery book. This image immediately came to mind, and since “there are no rules” in

art journal challenge week twenty mystery

my mixed media challenge, I pasted them into the “52 in 52” Art Journal. A few more doodles, and voila, Mystery Challenge completed! Whew!

Yes, I am going to art journal on my bike ride next week! Stay tuned!

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