Ohio to Erie Bike Trip Cincinnati Day One

Day One of my Trip Biking from the Ohio River to Lake ErieDay One

My husband and I stayed in the Millenium Hotel near the Convention Center, close to the Ohio River. I was off early, as I wanted to be through the street section of Cincinnati as quickly as possible.

Ohio to Erie Trail

I staged the bike at Smale Park, then caught a quick selfie with General Cincinnatus Pig to show I did start at the Ohio River. Posing with the Piggy

Riding Along the River

I was familiar with the first eight miles along the Ohio, from running and driving in the area. Right past Lunken Airfield,

Ohio to Erie Trail

I got a little turned around, but consulting the map I rode on. I used both sidewalks and road, depending on my comfort level.

I love Skyline Chili

The weather was warm but not too bad. I was not too comfortable on the very busy Wooster Pike Road before I started on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. at 13.3 miles, I turned on the bike trail.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

This is a wonderful bike trail. Wide, great asphalt, nobody around on an early Tuesday morning. Lots of wet blossoms knocked onto the path from the violent thunderstorm from the night before.

Ohio to Erie Trail

First I thought these were sculptures along the trail, but realized these were old structures probably left over from the railroad.

Ohio to Erie Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail Milford

I hit the famous all trails sign at Milford and stopped for a quick pic. The town of Milford was 0.3 miles away. I decided to keep biking and stop for lunch in Loveland.


Ohio to Erie Trail

I had a chicken burrito for the trail price of 12.00! (Contrast this with my meal in Killbuck a few days later, BLT wrap, ice cream, ice tea for 8.00!!) In Loveland, there are a few road/street intersections, and drivers were very courteous with stopping to let me pass- thanks Loveland!

Peters Catridge Company

I came acrouss this interesting structure.

Ohio to Erie Trail

This was an interesting structure. An old WWII factory manufacturing ammunition. It is listed on both the Historic Register AND on the Superfund Site List because the ground is contaminated with copper, lead, and mercury!

Not too far from here, there was a tree down from the strong thunderstorm of Monday night. Luckily I was able to duck around this right at the side of the bike trail.

Ohio to Erie Trail


I pass under the iconic interstate 71 bridge.Ohio to Erie Trail interstate bridge It’s a quiet day by myself on the trail. I am pleasantly surprised to have tree coverage along the trail.After the interstate bridge, it’s just cruising along until I get to Xenia Station.Xenia Station

Xenia Station

I am happy to get to Xenia because it’s been 68.5 miles on the trail..and I am going on to Cedarville. Xenia looks much different than the last time I visited, January 6, when the temperature was 4 degrees F.  I am tired, ready to be done, but there are more miles to go! I miss an OTET sign in Xenia, but from previous trip I know I can cut over a street and pick up OTET again. I am now on the Prairie Grass Trail.

The sky is looking a bit dark to the west, I pedal as quickly as my tired legs will allow. I check on the smart phone, how far to Cedarville? I finally arrive at my destination, Hearthstone Inn, which is right on the bike trail,  order a pizza, salad and collapse. Day Two will be a shorter distance of about 52 miles.

2 thoughts on “Ohio to Erie Bike Trip Cincinnati Day One

  1. Haralee

    I’ll be your cheering squad, “Go Kim Go!!” Great accomplishment and brave to go it alone and that was just day 1!

    1. Kim Post author

      Thank you! Only when I took the wrong turn in the ghetto-Day Two-was I concerned about riding solo.


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