Ohio to Erie Trail Day Four Cooking in Amish Country

Day Four Ohio to Erie Trail

Levi Duke

It was hard to leave my buddy Levi in the morning, but it was time to get on the trail as early as possible. I had many miles to bike, and the hilly Amish section of road to get through.

Gambier Start

The morning was cool and humid. It was easy to click off the miles on the nicely maintained Koskosing Trail.

Historic Howard

Famous little structure in Howard. Headed toward the Bridge of Dreams, the second longest covered bridge in the US.

The Kokosing Trail ends in Danville, which a small road section through town. I pick up the Mohican Valley Trail.  I came across the Covered Bridge, the Bridge of Dreams. I paused to let an Amish gentleman get through.

Bridge of Dreams


I then begin the Holmes County Trail which will take me to Glenmont.

After a bit of an uphill, it was fun to coast down the trail. I popped off the trail in the small village of Glenmont.

I stopped at the Glenmont Market for a Gatorade and some cold water. I knew I had a few road miles coming up, and I wanted to make sure I was hydrated.

Glenmont Market

The road section was not too bad. Very little traffic and it wasn’t quite noon yet. I was on Route 520. I overshot the turn and got an extra mile or so. In Killbuck, I decided to stop at Snowside for lunch as it was high noon. I had a nice BLT wrap, homemade coleslaw, iced tea, and a scoop of ice cream-for eight bucks!

Snowside in Killbuck a great place to eat!

Leaving Killbuck, it was back to trail on the Holmes County Trail. Being from the local area, I didn’t spend any time in Millersburg other than a restroom break and water top off at Hipp Station.


Afternoon Heat

I knew this was going to happen. I got shaded trails in the morning, when it wasn’t too hot out. The afternoon was going to be in the open countryside.

Route 83 Tunnel

I passed under the Rt 83 tunnel. Then it was through Holmesville and Fredericksburg, out into the sunlight. I spotted an Amish grocery store shortly outside of Fredericksburg, and stopped in for a lemonade and another bottle of cold water. You can’t have too much cold water!

Apple Creek to Dalton

I made it to Apple Creek! I didn’t go into town. I stopped at a gas station, and drank a cold Gatorade in their air conditioning. Now all I have to do is get to Dalton. Ten Miles. Then another ten miles on the Sippo Trail, but it’s trail, shaded, and a downhill.

Cooking in Amish Country

I thought it was hot on Thursday. Nope! I was cooking out here on the asphalt. Nice blue skies, not a cloud in sight. Now I’m climbing up a gradual hill. An Amish man on a bike blows by me. When I look up, dripping sweat, he’s almost out of sight up the hill!

The above picture doesn’t look like it, but this is the high point in the area. I have gotten over my fear of fast downhills. There is nothing like being tired and overheated to drop my fear factor. Zoom! Downhill I go! That means I don’t have to pedal! And my sweat dries slightly!

I walk up about three hills. Not that the hills were that big, but it was to manage my body temperature. I’m about red-lining. I stop in every other spot of shade that I find. Am I ever going to get to Dalton?


I finally reach Dalton. I don’t have many pics, because all I wanted to do was cross Route 30, get into town, and find the factory, because I know the Sippo Trail is behind it!


Sippo Trail

My secret weapon is I’ve biked the Sippo Trail. From the Dalton end to Massillon, it’s a slight downhill. I’m ten miles or so from Buffalo Wild Wings, air conditioning, and my husband.

Sippo Trail Dalton

I book it down the trail. These pics are from my previous bike trip. I wasn’t stopping for anything this day.

Sippo Trail

What was great, when the Sippo Trail ended, and the Ohio&Erie Towpath begun, I could see the Hampton Inn from the trail. Sweet! I had arrived!

My calculations add up to my penultimate day being 68.74 miles, with 9.28 hours on the road. Last day will be about seventy miles to Lake Erie.

2 thoughts on “Ohio to Erie Trail Day Four Cooking in Amish Country

  1. Beth Havey

    Oh, I think you’re awesome. Back in Iowa I had a bike, but I never could go more than 3 miles or so. Now I walk and I love that. I can hike for hours. Thanks for the photos. Have fun.

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