Ohio to Erie Trail Day Three Halfway There

Ohio to Erie Bike route Leaving Columbus Day Three

After my late afternoon drama, I was happy to be leaving Columbus for Day Three on the Ohio to Erie Bike Route. I believe I could consider I was halfway there!

Columbus Ohio Start

I was still concerned on the few miles of road I had to travel through downtown Columbus. But first I follow the lovely Scioto Trail through the downtown.

Downtown Columbus Scioto Trail

Downtown Columbus Scioto Trail

Downtown Columbus Scioto Trail

However, I do overshoot my turn. Consulting the smartphone map, I know I can just cut up High Street and make my way over to Nationwide Blvd. I decide to ride the sidewalks.

Downtown Columbus

So far, so good. I find the little 1-670  Downtown Connector Trail. This takes me from Cleveland Ave to the Alum Creek Trail. I admit it felt pretty good pedaling on my safe trail while the car traffic poured into the downtown area.

670 Connector Trail

Alum Creek Trail is lovely to bike on. It’s nice and cool in the early morning, I bet it gets buggy as it warms up!

Alum Creek Boardwalk

Alum Creek Trail

I stop for lunch at Panera Bread around Schrock Road. It’s nice to take a half hour downtime to eat, take off my shoes, and recharge a bit-plus my phone!

Good Signage on the Ohio to Erie Trail


My only complaint-or second complaint, the first complaint is how MANY people blow red lights-Westerville seemed to use their own signage for the OTET. I prefer to just keep looking for the distinctive OTET signs.

Ohio Bike Sign

Westerville Bike Depot

I continue down the OTET/Genoa Trail, bike thru Galena and Sunbury. I’m not finding water too readily available through here.

Road Miles

After Sunbury, there are ten road miles before I reach the Heart of Ohio Trail. It’s hot out. It’s exposed. It’s terribly warm out. I stop in some shade and realized my cleat screw has fallen out, and it’s now impossible to remove my right shoe from the bike. Oh well.  This means I have to slide my foot into the shoe, tie it, and keep biking. There is nothing to do about this now.

I hit a section of gravel road. It is horrible. I’m biking on big wide tires and skidding all over. I stop in some shade to consult the map, I sure hope I am still on track. I see that the gravel section is only 1/3 mile long. (Why some weird little gravel section of road, surrounded by asphalt?)


I start down the Heart of Ohio Trail. Not very far into it, I pass a sign that says “free water at shelter”. I pedal a few strokes and turn around. I have nothing to lose but a few minutes.

Thank you for the water Centerburg Church of God

I am stunned to see cold bottles of water in the frig! I drink some water, then pour water down my back. Yooow! I now know how HOT I have become. I drink down an entire bottle. I pour more water on my back, and into the my bike bottle. This stop probably saved me from some sort of heat stroke/exhaustion. Now I understood how hot I was, and that I needed to control my temperature the best I could. Thank you Centerburg Church of God!

Thank you for the water Centerburg Church of God

I am pretty glad to get to the outskirts of Mount Vernon. I call my friend Ron to arrange where to meet, I’m spending the night at his house. I’m too tired and hot to visit the Ariel Foundation Park

Mount Vernon

or climb up the observation tower!

Mount Vernon

Ron mentions there is a bike shop right in town, and sure enough Y-Not Cycling Shop extracts and fixes my shoe for me-thanks so much!

Shoe Stuck

I get to hang out with my friend Ron and his best buddy Levi for some good food and drinks for the night!

The Dukes Family


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