Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Five Favorite Book Character

Favorite Book Character

Favorite Book Character Art Journal Challenge

Anne of Green Gables

My favorite book character is…Anne with an E of course! Anne Shirley, or “Anne of Green Gables” as she is more popularly known.

I didn’t read the Anne books until college. It was love at first site with Anne, with her “race that knows Joseph”.  There is quite a collection of porcelain dogs in my household. (Both L.M. Montgomery and Anne owned Gog and Magog.)

Dog Collection

Lucy Maud Montgomery

I’ve read all of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “selected”  journals. Her life, compared to her character, Anne, was a rough one. Her husband suffered from depression and maybe was bi-polar. Mrs. Montgomery seemed to mainly support the family and had many health issues of her own. I believe I have read most of her fiction books. If you like Anne of Green Gables, you might also enjoy the Emily of New Moon series.

japan anne

Favorite book

My favorite book is Anne’s House of Dreams, although a bit sad. This is the book where she and Gilbert get married and start their life together.

Favorite secondary character

It’s Anne’s youngest daughter, Rilla, and her story of growing up in the WWI years. Her book is called “Rilla of Ingleside”. I just acquired a new book called “Readying Rilla” which is Montgomery’s manuscript of Rilla and the editing and changes that went into the manuscript.

What about the Art Journal Page?

I was so busy with Anne, the page became secondary! Most of this week was printed pics and a little stamping.

Art Journal Challenge Favorite Book Character

Art Journal Challenge Favorite Book Character

Art Journal Challenge Favorite Book Character

This was a fun week. I’ve now retrieved all my “Anne” books for another re-read!

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