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Time for my North Bend Trail Bike Adventure

It’s time for my North Bend Trail Adventure!


The North Bend Rail Trail project, begun in 1991, was formally a spur off the CSX system. The trail project began from four “model sections” which were then connected to form the current trail, which accounts for the change of trail conditions from county to county.

Limited Info

Finding current information on the NBT has been limited. Trail reports from 2009 or 2012 does not give you good beta on what you will find in 2018.

North bend map

My best source was Traillink. I  got some better idea of what to find by Googling North Bend railroad tunnels. There are 13 tunnels on the NBT, 10 passable. 

Water Sources

My main concern for my two day trip would be for water source. This is a very remote trail-albeit running parallel to Route 50, there are not many towns along the trail. Once I started drilling down, my fears were allied-it looks like 26 miles would be the longest stretch between water stops. Food I wasn’t concerned about, I can carry plenty of food!

helga fat bike

West to East

My trip runs west to east for logistical purposes. We have a family reunion in West Virginia a day after my trip.  It would be an easy hour drive on the highway from Clarksburg to Sutton. My reward after my bike ride is going to be a world class meal at the Cafe Cimino Inn in Sutton West Virginia.


Since this was a plan for August, it doesn’t concern me that it will be hot and uncomfortable in July. With the hot weather, I am hoping lots of the alleged muddy areas will be dried out.

Trail Conditions

The official Rails-to-Trails Conversvancy Guidebook comes right out and says the NBT is best enjoyed by hiking it.

Hike it

I am hoping by riding a fat bike-which can handle lots of conditions-it will be an enjoyable trip.

Get ready for Day One Report!

Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Eight Wine


This week Art Journal Challenge was wine! Easiest prompt ever! I love wine!

Art Journal Challenge Week 28 Wine

Not wanting a white page, I cleverly dribbled some wine on the page. It turned more blackish than I liked.

Easy Prompt, No Journalling

Art Journal Challenge Wine

With the easiest prompt ever, I found myself on FRIDAY doing most of the work for the week challenge. The intent of this challenge was “art journal every day” with the goal of a finished product by Sunday. A few doodles daily. Maybe I should set aside a scheduled ten minutes to work daily? I still got weeks to figure this out.


This week I used some epherema, stickers, and markers, and oh, the spilled wine on the page to start it off.


Perhaps the challenge for next week challenge will be to “art journal” every day!

art journal challenge wine week

Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Seven Music Notes

Art Journal Challenge Week 27 Music Notes


This was a good challenge.


I meant to paint the background, but ran out of time.

Art Journal Week Challenge 27 Music Notes

I meant to place music notes on my river of bars, but ran out of time.

Art Journal Week Challenge 27 Music Notes

I used paint, markers, crayon for this week’s challenge.

Art Journal Week Challenge 27 Music Notes

I wish I had “more time” to decorate the music notes-that was the plan. Oh well! On to next week!

Art Journal Week Twenty Six LOL


Art Journal Challenge Week 26 LOL

Well, what does THAT prompt mean at all? LOL! I have no idea where I got these prompt ideas from-again!

Art Journal Challenge LOL

League of Legends

On first Google try, LOL means League of Legends. Some sort of online game. I’m not a gamer, so I doubt I will try and represent the League. LOL.


I continue down the Google page-heavens, have I been invoking the name of Satan in vain?

“When we “laugh out loud” online, are we really praying to Satan, the prince of darkness himself? … According to the directive, which is meant to be shared “with Christians,” the classic and ubiquitous “LOL” acronym stands for “Lucifer our lord,” something the image’s creator doesn’t find funny at all”

Art Journal Challenge LOL

Sock Monkey don’t care about LOL!


I used paint, stickers, a few markers for this week Art Journal Challenge.

Art Journal Challenge LOL

Onto the next week!!