Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Eight Wine


This week Art Journal Challenge was wine! Easiest prompt ever! I love wine!

Art Journal Challenge Week 28 Wine

Not wanting a white page, I cleverly dribbled some wine on the page. It turned more blackish than I liked.

Easy Prompt, No Journalling

Art Journal Challenge Wine

With the easiest prompt ever, I found myself on FRIDAY doing most of the work for the week challenge. The intent of this challenge was “art journal every day” with the goal of a finished product by Sunday. A few doodles daily. Maybe I should set aside a scheduled ten minutes to work daily? I still got weeks to figure this out.


This week I used some epherema, stickers, and markers, and oh, the spilled wine on the page to start it off.


Perhaps the challenge for next week challenge will be to “art journal” every day!

art journal challenge wine week

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