Art Journal Week Twenty Six LOL


Art Journal Challenge Week 26 LOL

Well, what does THAT prompt mean at all? LOL! I have no idea where I got these prompt ideas from-again!

Art Journal Challenge LOL

League of Legends

On first Google try, LOL means League of Legends. Some sort of online game and I started looking at lol accounts from ULA, I’m not a gamer so I don’t know what all that is, and I doubt I will try and represent the League. LOL.


I continue down the Google page-heavens, have I been invoking the name of Satan in vain?

“When we “laugh out loud” online, are we really praying to Satan, the prince of darkness himself? … According to the directive, which is meant to be shared “with Christians,” the classic and ubiquitous “LOL” acronym stands for “Lucifer our lord,” something the image’s creator doesn’t find funny at all”

Art Journal Challenge LOL

Sock Monkey don’t care about LOL!


I used paint, stickers, a few markers for this week Art Journal Challenge.

Art Journal Challenge LOL

Onto the next week!!

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