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Successful First Time Use of Slime

Successful Use of Slime

Oh No! Flat Tire

I was biking in the valley on my usual route. As I turned onto a side road, I felt then noticed my front tire going flat on me! Oh no!

First I just tried to add air back into the tire. LUCKILY I was carrying my tire repair kit with me. I was not having any success into just pumping air. I was inspecting the tire-as you should-to see if I could spot what caused the flat-nail, sharp object. Sure enough, there was a small piece of glass or quartz sticking up out of the tire. Okay! Maybe after removal, it will hold air. Nope!

Slime Easy Flat Fixing

I was only a few miles from home. I could have called the husband for extraction. (Or I could have swapped out the inner tube.)  Then I remembered the Slime.  Hey, this is a good opportunity to try Slime for the first time!

What is Slime?

Slime is a sealant that you import into the bike tube which will “seal up” punctures to 1/8 inch (per their website).

How to Use Slime

Using Slime to Fix a Flat

It was extremely easy to use! I followed the instructions on the bottle. The lid of the Slime Container has a core valve remover. That is step one, remove the core valve. My husband had given me one for the bike. I had no idea WHY I needed it. Now I do!

Core Valve Remover

Core Valve Remover

Slime comes with a tube that you fit over your valve and the container. You simply squeeze the tube and green slime flows into the tire tube. It’s kind of neat to watch.

Using Slime to Fix a Flat

My bike tire only needed a 1/2  bottle (4 oz, it’s stated on the bottle). You can then replace the tube back on the bottle and cap it up, no Slime all over the place. I then added some air, and rotated the tire around as instructed, to coat the whole inner tube.

Using Slime to Fix a Flat

I added the Slime, replaced the core valve, and added air back to the tire. Success! I pumped up the tire and completed my bike ride.

Bike Tire Kit

These are the components you need for a bike tire repair kit. Okay, you really only need the tire pump, new inner tube, and bike levers. This is what I carry in my bike repair kit. If you have a new inner tube, you don’t need the patch kit. Simply swap out that failed tube for the new one and repair later at home.

Bike Tire Repair Kit

Know how to change a Flat Tire!

I have said this before and it’s so true! Know how to change a flat tire! Take the tire off and put it back on! Yes, it’s not a fun job.  If you practice this at home, in the comfort of air conditioning,  changing a flat in the middle of a hot afternoon on a busy road can go much faster.

Success with Slime

Disclosure: This is my independent review of the product Slime. I was not compensated for this product. I just had my Slime encounter and wanted to pass on the knowledge on how it worked for me.

Time to Volunteer on the Buckeye Trail


The hubs and I set out this morning to volunteer on the Buckeye Trail. We are “trail adopters”. That means we maintain a portion of the Buckeye Trail.

Leesville Lake

What’s the Buckeye Trail?

The Buckeye Trail is a 1444 mile blue blazed trail around the state of Ohio. The Buckeye Trail winds around Ohio, reaching into every corner of the state. It is a large loop, from a beachhead on Lake Erie, to a hill top overlooking the Ohio River.

What’s a trail adopter and what does it mean to maintain a portion of the trail?

A trail adopter is a person/persons who cares enough about hiking that anyone hiking that section of trail with have an enjoyable experience on that section. This means the off-road adopter hikes the trail at least 3 or 4 times a year to ensure blazing is accurate and clear, and the trail is not obscured by greenery and briars.

Obscured Blaze

Hiking after a big storm is helpful to make sure deadfall is removed.



What about road sections?

Some sections of the Buckeye Trail are complete roads. Sometimes the road can be more isolated than a trail section. Road sections should be hiked or driven once a year to make sure blazes are still clearly seen.

Good Excuse for a Hike

Maintaining a section of trail is a good excuse to get outside!  Our  trail in the Bowerstown Section, Leesville Lake South, is a beautiful off road section.   We encountered some homeowners as we passed through, and they thanked us for maintaining the trail.

Homemade sign

The summer storms have been kind to our section. We do need to return with a small handsaw to take care of some branches, but the trail is in good hiking shape through here. Come out and hike around Leesville Lake!

Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty Three Zentangle

I gave the “Zentangle” method a go this week.


What is Zentangle?


From the official website: “The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. These simple shapes are the “Elemental Strokes” in all Zentangle art. These patterns are drawn on small pieces of paper called “tiles.” We call them tiles because you can assemble them into mosaics.”

Maybe I just drew patterns instead?


I didn’t really get much out of this week’s art journal. But I did complete it! Onto Week Thirty Four!

Today’s Adventure: Hamilton!

Hamilton Sign


Today on my Almost Week Off Work, my adventure was seeing Hamilton An American Musical. It’s been about two years since I was introduced to the cast recording by Cliff Ravenscraft, and I’ve been enthralled as many others have.

Phillip Tour Cleveland

Me and Hamilton

The musical is now touring. I was lucky enough to get tickets to TWO shows. I bought a solo ticket for Wednesday.

I live in southern Ohio and didn’t feel like finding someone to buy the other ticket or tickets. I had no problem buying the tickets. I think everyone wanted the four tix max that you could purchase, and there just wasn’t blocks of four tickets available. I then bought tickets to a matinee on August 25 where my SIL will join me.

Tips for Attending Hamilton

Hamilton Tix

  1. Listen to the Cast Recording

If you aren’t familiar with the musical at all and find yourself with tickets, it might behoove you to listen to the cast recording, so you can keep up with all the fast rapping that occurs.

2. DON’T listen to the cast recording right before the show

None of the original actors are in the show. If you are expecting Lin Manual Miranda to be singing as “Hamilton” then you will disappointed by the current actor playing. No worries, I thought everyone was excellent in their roles, especially Nik Walker portraying Burr. I got alot more out of Burr’s character by seeing the show live, besides just listening to the cast recording.

3. It goes FAST

The big “showy” numbers are in Act One. I thought Act Two would be slower, but it progresses much faster than if I was listening to the cast recording. Many of the songs in Act Two flow into the next song without interruption.

4. See it multiple times

Okay, I know! That can be impossible to just see once!  There is SO much to take in. I’ve been listening to “The Hamilcast” since its beginning. There is so much happening in each scene. For example, there is a cast character called “The Bullet” who is a signal of death that follow Hamilton around. I only picked her out on time, there was too much to watch.  In “The Room Where it Happens” the meeting between Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton  happens three times.

Hamilton Sign

There are lotteries available daily for the shows which are free to enter for a chance at 10 dollar tickets. If you are in an area where a lottery show is playing, WHY NOT enter the lottery? Do not throw away your shot!

My First Gravel Grinder Ride

My first Gravel Grinder Ride

This is my “Almost Week off Work” Vacation. Today I decided to travel over to the Woodbury Wildlife Area in Coshocton County and follow a “gravel grinder” route that I found on Ride with GPS.

Woodbury Wildlife Area

Woodbury Wildlife Area in Coshocton County is the largest public hunting and fishing area in Ohio. Their 19,000 acres is operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources specifically for wildlife recreation. This area was strip mined back in the 70’s.

What’s a Gravel Grinder?

Gravel grinders are gravel road races and rides that combine riding on surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, dirt, some singletrack trails and maintenance or B roads. Like county roads or township roads in the country.

Ride with GPS

I stumbled upon a FB Group called Ohio Gravel Grinders, who had recently completed a ride at Woodbury. I had never thought to go ride there! It’s all deserted country roads, not as hilly as my neighborhood-that’s a good place to ride! I downloaded their Ride with GPS route and set out for a bike ride.

Issue One

My turn sheet mentions turn on Township Road 70. This definitely says 

Township Road 62. My map is not detailed enough to discern (later, this road does become Township Road 70, as 62 branches off, clear as mud..)

Down the road I go. It’s quiet, except for the critters chirping, no noise in my headspace. I am pleasantly surprised to find woodland here in Woodbury! I thought it was going to be all open space due to the strip mining.


The ride is going okay. I’m breaking HARD on the downhills-the loose gravel makes me nervous, I don’t want to crash my bike. Maybe I need to look at disc brakes instead of the more traditional caliper or V brakes that I have.

I Lose the Phone

I am still following my planned route when I stop to double check on the phone. Doh! The phone has disappeared! Luckily, I remember where I last checked it. Back UP the hill I just coasted down.

dropped phone

Now I’ve doubled back a mile or so. I decide to make the turn instead of continuing my planned route. I don’t feel up to a 32 mile ride on gravel today.

I am keeping on eye on my phone battery power. Since I’m now relying on the Google Map, I don’t want it to die on me. It is amazing that I have cell phone coverage in Woodbury. This is a desolate area. Cell phone reception has come a long way.

My route goes well, the road turns appear as they should. My last road is County Road 17, which is asphalt-YAY! Asphalt makes for a nice change of pace from gravel.

I don’t like the two little (BIG) hills that I have to bike up in my littlest gear to get up. At least I didn’t have to walk it. Note: I did walk up a few hills on gravel. A few were too steep for me, and one had gravel that was loose and I wasn’t getting traction, the rear wheel was sliding around. Not safe enough for me.

It was a good ride. I will ride over at Woodbury more often.

Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty Two What Happened Today at 7am

I decided it would be fun to record a picture daily at 7am. I chose the barn across the road.

Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty Two

This is our barn and property but not our livestock. We are renting the pasture and barn out to a local farmer. The horse seems to have taken up residence in the barn.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

horse in barn

I have not seen the cows lately. They may be on the other side of the hill-this section is about 10-15 acres, or the farmer may have removed them due to low water supply.


The picture changed slightly! I woke to a very foggy morning.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

foggy barn

This has been a fun and different challenge. The same view is not the same view. There is change involved daily.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

The Cows are Back

cow in barn

Did they ever leave? Have they been on the back side of the hill? I watched them walk over the hill last night. This morning, one cow was occupying the barn. No sign of Mr Horse.


Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

A fun challenge on what could have been a very static subject. I enjoyed this.