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Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty Two What Happened Today at 7am

I decided it would be fun to record a picture daily at 7am. I chose the barn across the road.

Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty Two

This is our barn and property but not our livestock. We are renting the pasture and barn out to a local farmer. The horse seems to have taken up residence in the barn.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

horse in barn

I have not seen the cows lately. They may be on the other side of the hill-this section is about 10-15 acres, or the farmer may have removed them due to low water supply.


The picture changed slightly! I woke to a very foggy morning.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

foggy barn

This has been a fun and different challenge. The same view is not the same view. There is change involved daily.

Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

The Cows are Back

cow in barn

Did they ever leave? Have they been on the back side of the hill? I watched them walk over the hill last night. This morning, one cow was occupying the barn. No sign of Mr Horse.


Art Journal Challenge What Happened at 7 am

A fun challenge on what could have been a very static subject. I enjoyed this.

Art Journal Challenge Week Thirty One Books



Another challenge I love! Books!

Art Journal Challenge Books

I’m reading more books these days thanks to Libby. Libby is an app where I can borrow books from my local library and read them. This has saved me a bunch of money, and I’m reading more books!

Art Journal Challenge Books

I enjoyed this prompt. I even made a book! And pasted it on my books page!

Art Journal Challenge Books

I am going to see Hamilton An American Musical *twice* this August! Very excited!

Art Journal Challenge Books

Of course you have to be an open book.

Art Journal Challenge Books

I used markers, crayons, paper, paint to create this weeks collage. Onto Week Thirty Two!

BHAG Bike Tour Announcement

BHAG Bike Tour Announcement

I finally have a BHAG about biking. This post was first penned as “Dream Bike Tour Announcement” but it’s not going to be a dream it’s going to be a GOAL.


This bike route has intrigued me from my first reading of Jill Homer’s book “Be Brave Be Strong” when I didn’t know anything about biking. I thought it was just a good epic read of an adventure.

Accounts of the route would drop into my reading space every now and then, they would always be interesting for the huge suffer fest that the riders experienced. A friend just rode it this summer, and I followed along via FB posts.

Great Divide Mountain Route

I have decided I want to ride the Tour Divide.

The Great Divide Route is the world’s longest off-pavement cycling route. It travels through Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and the United States of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico (map). By route’s end a thru-rider will climb nearly 200,000 feet of vertical.

It’s Not Happening Anytime Soon

The goal is to do this in my 60th year or sooner. That gives me seven years to get in some sort of buff biking shape. Hey, I dreamed about running the Hardrock 100 for years before I actually got to do it.

It Sets Me up with More Short Term Goals

I have much to do and learn before attempting. Let alone figure out how to get that much vacation time off.

Learn all those parts on the bike and how they work

Yes, I finally am going to get interested in my bike and figure out how the parts work together.

Learn how to fix my bike

The only reason to learn all those bike parts is to be able to FIX my bike when it breaks down. This is a good goal to have regardless of where you are biking.

bike stencil

Become a better Biker

I’m now interested in becoming a better biker. I need to learn how to ride hills, gravel, dirt roads..which is good, because I have all of that available to me! I ventured out of my comfort zone just Thursday. Instead of riding my local seven mile flat asphalt trail out and back, I chose a route which turned that ride into a loop. Unknown to me, that meant taking a road so steep I had to walk the bike in two spots. But I did it, instead of turning around back to flat land!

I am now interested in different types of bike rides instead of looking for easy flat tours. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a focus in training. This is a good goal for me.