Time to Volunteer on the Buckeye Trail


The hubs and I set out this morning to volunteer on the Buckeye Trail. We are “trail adopters”. That means we maintain a portion of the Buckeye Trail.

Leesville Lake

What’s the Buckeye Trail?

The Buckeye Trail is a 1444 mile blue blazed trail around the state of Ohio. The Buckeye Trail winds around Ohio, reaching into every corner of the state. It is a large loop, from a beachhead on Lake Erie, to a hill top overlooking the Ohio River.

What’s a trail adopter and what does it mean to maintain a portion of the trail?

A trail adopter is a person/persons who cares enough about hiking that anyone hiking that section of trail with have an enjoyable experience on that section. This means the off-road adopter hikes the trail at least 3 or 4 times a year to ensure blazing is accurate and clear, and the trail is not obscured by greenery and briars.

Obscured Blaze

Hiking after a big storm is helpful to make sure deadfall is removed.



What about road sections?

Some sections of the Buckeye Trail are complete roads. Sometimes the road can be more isolated than a trail section. Road sections should be hiked or driven once a year to make sure blazes are still clearly seen.

Good Excuse for a Hike

Maintaining a section of trail is a good excuse to get outside!  Our  trail in the Bowerstown Section, Leesville Lake South, is a beautiful off road section.   We encountered some homeowners as we passed through, and they thanked us for maintaining the trail.

Homemade sign

The summer storms have been kind to our section. We do need to return with a small handsaw to take care of some branches, but the trail is in good hiking shape through here. Come out and hike around Leesville Lake!

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