Today’s Adventure: Hamilton!

Hamilton Sign


Today on my Almost Week Off Work, my adventure was seeing Hamilton An American Musical. It’s been about two years since I was introduced to the cast recording by Cliff Ravenscraft, and I’ve been enthralled as many others have.

Phillip Tour Cleveland

Me and Hamilton

The musical is now touring. I was lucky enough to get tickets to TWO shows. I bought a solo ticket for Wednesday.

I live in southern Ohio and didn’t feel like finding someone to buy the other ticket or tickets. I had no problem buying the tickets. I think everyone wanted the four tix max that you could purchase, and there just wasn’t blocks of four tickets available. I then bought tickets to a matinee on August 25 where my SIL will join me.

Tips for Attending Hamilton

Hamilton Tix

  1. Listen to the Cast Recording

If you aren’t familiar with the musical at all and find yourself with tickets, it might behoove you to listen to the cast recording, so you can keep up with all the fast rapping that occurs.

2. DON’T listen to the cast recording right before the show

None of the original actors are in the show. If you are expecting Lin Manual Miranda to be singing as “Hamilton” then you will disappointed by the current actor playing. No worries, I thought everyone was excellent in their roles, especially Nik Walker portraying Burr. I got alot more out of Burr’s character by seeing the show live, besides just listening to the cast recording.

3. It goes FAST

The big “showy” numbers are in Act One. I thought Act Two would be slower, but it progresses much faster than if I was listening to the cast recording. Many of the songs in Act Two flow into the next song without interruption.

4. See it multiple times

Okay, I know! That can be impossible to just see once!¬† There is SO much to take in. I’ve been listening to “The Hamilcast” since its beginning. There is so much happening in each scene. For example, there is a cast character called “The Bullet” who is a signal of death that follow Hamilton around. I only picked her out on time, there was too much to watch.¬† In “The Room Where it Happens” the meeting between Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton¬† happens three times.

Hamilton Sign

There are lotteries available daily for the shows which are free to enter for a chance at 10 dollar tickets. If you are in an area where a lottery show is playing, WHY NOT enter the lottery? Do not throw away your shot!

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