My Favorite Podcasts 2018 Edition

It’s 2018 and time for my favorite podcasts edition! I try to do a round up on International  Podcast Day every year.

Favorite Podcasts 2018

My interests have been in a state of flux these last few years. Reading my 2017 podcasts post, only one stayed on  my  list for this year. I have been sampling all sorts of different genres.

Limited Episode Podcasts

Sandra-interesting concept until the end where I felt it ended on a flat note. Is it over?

Slow Burn-short show about Watergate and Nixon’s resignation. Very interesting! Remember when “breaking news” was all reported in a paper that was delivered once a day or daily on only 3 TV stations? I’m still waiting to read “All the President’s Men” from my local library

The Habitat-short series on people chosen to remain in “The Habitat” for one  year, where they are mock training for a trip to Mars. Can they all get along for 365 days without breaking out of their self-imposed domain?

Favorite Listening this Year

Pedalshift-Tim Looney bike touring podcast. As I still consider myself a beginning bike tourer, his shows are interesting and educational

The Hamilcast-Gillian’s love of “The Thing” all things Hamilton An American Musical. She is pretty much the unofficial official podcast of Hamilton. Who has been on her show? Oh, minor people like Lin Manual Miranda, Tommy Kail, Alex Lacamoire. Just as interesting are cast members in the ensemble, swings, sound and music department. It’s one of the first I listen to when a new episode downloads.

#AmWriting This is a podcast about…writing! Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, books, blogs, poems, the ladies make it interesting and inspiring to keep writing.

Embrace Running-Marc and Elena recap their latest marathons and half-marathons. They are still running but the show hasn’t released an episode since May.

Reply All Another Gimlet Media production, I am a bit more hit and miss. Sometimes these episodes are fascinating! Others, just meh. A few favorites: Long Distance Part One and Two; The Case of the Phantom Caller.

The Amelia Project is one podcast I  have just started listening to. Want to fake your death and start a new life? Get in touch with the Amelia Group.

Got a favorite for me to listen to? I’m all for new and off the beaten listening path!

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