Capture a Day in your Life!

I found this idea on a writing prompt…somewhere. The idea is to document a day in your life, with pics, writings, ephemera, whatever it takes to show one day in your life. This would be similar to a travel journal, where you collect ticket stubs, restaurant menus, tea bags, etc, to show what you did on that particular trip.

So why not document one day in your life? Snap a pic of the inside of your car. Snap another pic of the tree outside when you’re stopped at the light. Keep your coffee receipt and lunch receipts. Write down (or snap pic) of what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner! Document what your family said about dinner!

Best Thing

What was the BEST thing that happened today? Write that down!


What was the weather like? Show a pic of the sun shining or the snow coming down. Snap a pic (or a screenshot)  showing the weather for the day!

What did you wear? Snap a flat lay of that outfit for further documentation!

I did something similar to this for 30 Days of Lists a few years ago. It was quite fun!

I think I am going to this on our Family Thanksgiving Day, which will be November 20. This will be my parents, my nephew and wife, and my husband.  We will celebrate a bit early as my nephew and wife have to work on Thanksgiving. I never seem to get holiday pictures so I am going to work extra hard to document this year.

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