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I’ve been collecting political buttons on and off my entire life. My sister gave me a Jay Rockefeller button as a child and I believe that started my hobby.

It was fun to go to garage sales and flea market and find buttons on the cheap.
As I got older, I joined APIC and even attended some local shows. I was not an any advanced level of collector; I would never own the rare Cox-Roosevelt jugate.


I drifted away from it in the last twenty years, although I would always buy a button here and there in antique stores that piqued my attention.

Buttons don’t seem to be generated much these past twenty years. Local rallies hosted by unions seem to garner more button creation.


This is when both candidates, president and vice president pictures are on the button.


I like to find buttons that are local to an area, either specify a location or may be linked to a local candidate.

Clinton Era

I ended up with some quite colorful buttons from the Clinton Gore campaigns. One of my favorites was the Sesame Street Button:

The Anti Buttons

Some of the anti candidate buttons were quite funny.

In perusing my recently purchased items, now I have to come up with several more display cases!

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