Describe a Perfect Day


We would live in the San Juan Mountains just outside of Silverton, Colorado.

Outside of Silverton


My eight dogs crowd around me. It’s funny how they made that vaccine that makes dogs live 50 years. It’s astonishing how well they all get along.

three dogs


I check on the kitchen gardens, notice how well my organic tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs are doing. It looks like my husband can make us pizza in our hand built wood fired pizza oven this afternoon with fresh herbs and tomatoes. The pizza oven would look something like this:

Photo from

I make a mental note to check on the mozzarella cheese I made yesterday-glad we got the goats who are peacefully chomping grass in their movable pen-we don’t have to mow with the goats around!

Pic from


I contemplate whether to trail run or bike this morning. Since they came up with the osteoarthritis cure, and my knee was replaced, I’m back to running as much as I want! I still enjoy biking. I know I have a 10 am conference call with my agent. I’m hoping my next book auction will bring as much as the first four books did-no 9-5 for me any longer!

The rest of the day is spent in our well ventilated mountain home. We hike with the dogs later. Around dinner time, we break open a bottle of wine from the vineyard we invested in years earlier. Who knew it would take off and be THE award winning wine, year after year? For our start up money invested, they pay us backĀ  in wine. Win Win!


My husband and I both sleep the night through, despite the dogs jumping on and off the bed. We wake up and repeat this wonderful day again.

What’s your perfect day look like?

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