Hiking on Black Friday

I have never been a Black Friday shopping person. For the remainder of my Christmas shopping, it will be done on a week day early morning when people are not shopping yet.


I joined some friends up in the northern Ohio area for a “Burn your Buns” run. My friend and I walked. It was lovely outside, just a bit cold.


I stopped at a local bike shop to get some new front brake cables-not on sale, simply because I need to replace the brakes. The bike shop is located in a big mall area, and holy COW! I’ve never really been “out” on a Black Friday, I’m usually working.

Mall parking lots FULL. Strip mall parking lots FULL. Box store lots FULL. I guess I’m not reporting any original news here, just how astounded I was, that so many people went out to buy STUFF in search of an alleged sale.

I did buy stuff too! Stuff to make my bicycle safe, so I can go places and buy memories!

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