Massillon Miles with Tag and Tor



The start of our hike today  was Mogadore Point 26.

There was a little hiking through the end of the Mogadore Sections 26-29, which is through Quail Hollow State Park.


This looks like very pretty trail in the summer months.

It was a bit muddy and boggy in sections; there had been much rain the day before.

So ends our off road miles. The rest of the mileage will now be following roads.

Massillon Section begins in Hartville. There was an immediate stop at the open donut shop. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts were the bomb!

Highly recommend the stop! If the donut shop is closed (they are only open to 1pm) there is also a chocolate shop and a pizza/chicken restaurant right on the trail!

We leave Hartville, heading into the countryside. The skies are still cloudy, but there is not much wind. The road does not have much hiking friendly berm to it.

We found it easier in spots to just hop off the road and hike in the fields. The fields could be pretty soggy after the rains.

I always like seeing the animals on the hikes. The cows didn’t really get up to say hello. The pigs seemed to be pretty content in their pen.

The skies did clear up a bit and we got to see blue skies for the rest of our hike.

This was a nice sign to see on the Buckeye Trail.

The Buckeye Trail crosses Interstate 77. We had less than five miles to get to our stopping point.

This was another handsome barn seen on trail today.

We did it! We made it over to Nemisila Reservoir. Just one last turn, and we’ll be back at the vehicle. The hike clocked in a bit long at 17 miles.

We stopped at Point 7 on the Massillon Section.

It was very nice hiking with Jerri and Karen. When hiking this section, I would recommend doing it off summer if possible. It was pleasant hiking in the open spaces today in November. I think this could be pretty hot and miserable with full sun on the asphalt road.

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