November is National Blog Posting Month I’m In!!



NaBloPoMo? Is that still a thing? National Blog Posting Month is a riff off the  National Novel Writing Month-NaNoWriMo,  where one writes 50,000 words in November.  NaBloPoMo is far simpler-one blog post daily. How hard could that be?

Kick Start

I’ve been “intensively apathetic” about the Blog lately. Then I remembered NaBloPoMo-and got inspired! I’ve completed NaBloPoMo once before-and I can do it again!


No theme. I’ve just returned from vacation so there will be some vacation posts, some “outside the comfort zone” posts, and whatever comes to mind. The idea is to “get writing” every day, and NaBloPoMo is the ticket.

It’s Not Dead Yet

I’ve discovered via Twitter that NaBloPoMo is not dead! Follow #nablopomo for others.

Stay tuned for Day Two!

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