Project Love Clothespin Ornament Restoration Reveal


Christmas Ornament Restoration Reveal

This is the reveal of my Project Love, restoration of my favorite Christmas ornaments, clothespin ornaments from the 70’s!

The Lumberjack He’s Okay Now

The Three Wise Men

After the two wise men went shopping

The three wise men are now all bearing gifts!

The Drummer has arms!

Robin Hood got a snazzy new bow

The golfer is reunited with his club

New Faces and Occupations

Dr Smyth

Introducing Doctor Smyth-a female doctor. That is her large laptop that she is carrying.

The medical staff


I made a homemade Rastafarian nut cracker years ago. I decided I needed a Rasta to join my Christmas group.

Biker Chick

I decided to create a biker. I had to handcraft the bike. This was no easy task. It’s not the greatest, but hey, she got a custom bike!

biker clothespin doll

Hula Girl Revised

Hula Girl was in good shape, there was no restoration needed for her. I decided to craft her a fish. While she may be wearing traditional hula wear, she’s also working on her doctoral degree in ichthyology (fish science) hence the fish.

Aren’t these cool? It was a bit more time consuming than I thought, but everyone has been repaired. It’s going to be a special Christmas tree this year with my clothespin Christmas ornaments!

3 thoughts on “Project Love Clothespin Ornament Restoration Reveal

  1. Bell Family

    I just found this post via Pinterest. I crafted these same ornaments from a kit in the 70s, they were then and still are by far my favorite ornaments. I too look forward to getting out and putting them on the tree each year. I too find a little repair work necessary from time to time. What wonderful memories these little people carry with them. Thank you so much for sharing!


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