Project Love Restoring Christmas Ornaments


I got a great gift a few years ago. My mother gave me the clothespin Christmas ornaments that she crafted in the seventies.

Clothes Pin Ornaments

I loved these ornaments! I would play with them, on the tree, under the tree. I would make up stories of their adventures. I only saw them this one month a year, they turned into special playmates for me.

You Can tell it was the Seventies

There are three females. A nurse, a hula girl, and Mrs Claus.

The doctor is male and the nurse is female. Of course!


Mrs and Santa Claus


Many arms were missing off the Christmas group. Some of the little extras that the people carried were long gone too. I remember the three Wise Men bearing presents.  Today? Only one has survived with his gift.


Ornaments in need of restoration

I decided it was time for Project Love. I would give Mrs Claus and the Clown arms back again-indeed ARMS for everyone!

I crafted my arms out of cardboard, instead of the original  pressed board that came in the kit.

New Arms for Ornaments

I decided  to update the group diversity. I added a female doctor, a Rastafarian, and a biker girl.


In crafting the new people, it only seemed fair to give everyone a refresh. Give the golfer his club back.

Make the lumberjack an axe to handle.

This has turned into a full blown crafting affair.

Biker girl is getting a custom made bike. I found these rubber seals in a plastic bag in the basement. I have no idea what they go to. They’ve been refurbished as big fat tires for the bike. The spokes are embroidery floss tacked on with Mod Podge. They are currently drying. I have no idea if these will work.

This was going to be a repair and reveal post, but I am enjoying the restoration so much I want to take “before” and “after” pictures of everybody, and reveal the new members of Project Love. That will be my next post!

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