Snorkeling the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada

I have wanted to visit the Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada for years! At first I thought you had to scuba dive to get to see the sculptures. Then I found out you could snorkel. I don’t snorkel often, so I let my lack of confidence get in my way for years.

Grenada SeaFaris

Due to social media, I read about Grenada SeaFaris. They take you out on a powerboat, and provide instruction and the gear to snorkel. They advertise that you don’t have to snorkel if you don’t want to, you could just enjoy the boat ride. TripAdvisor reviews assured me that even with my somewhat newby status, I should be able to snorkel to see the sculptures.

Grenada SeaFaris

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

The sculptures were created by Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006 which acts as an artificial reef to attract fish and take pressure off the nearby Flamingo Bay which was the most snorkeled location on Grenada. There has been more statues added to the park.

Strong Current

There was a strong current running when we arrived in the bay. Kimmy, our guide, was very good at pointing out where to swim to, to start seeing the sculptures. He also was bringing along a life preserver ring in case you wanted to stop for a moment and rest.

Off Season

It’s good to be in the off season. There was only two of us snorkeling from Grenada SeaFaris. Only one other boat arrived while we were there, with about fifteen or so people. I could see this being a very busy dive site in season!

One of the most recognized sculpture is called “Vicissitudes” consisting of a circle of children holding hands. I was very excited to spot this on my swim!

Picture from the Pure Grenada Website

A Great Tour

My favorite sculpture was one of a woman on a bench taking a selfie!

Besides the snorkeling, we got a great tour of the west side of Grenada. We stopped several times and Kimmy gave us an educational overview of the fish, the history, and the beaches around us.

Grenada Seafaris

Check Them Out!


It really was an unique adventure. My next trip to Grenada-I’ll be snorkeling again!

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