What’s Your Six Word Story?


I was listening to a podcast on careers called Career Talk. The host, Stephanie Dennis brought up the idea of the six word story.  The six word story is well known.  Hemingway is famous for his:  “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn”.

This host brought up in the podcast, what is your professional story in six words?

My professional story came to me quickly.


I’m a pharmacist living in rural Ohio, currently looking for a job. I LOVE living in the country. We have many issues in the foothills of Appalachia. Competent health care is one of them. Nearest hospital to me? I’m lucky, it’s about 25 miles away. There are counties in southern Ohio with NO Hospitals. Think about that.

I would like to continue living in rural Ohio. My professional six word story is “promote health care in rural areas”.

What is your personal story?

The host then brings up, what is your personal word story, and does it mesh with your professional story?

Contemplating both stories, I believe the two mesh. What the host was getting at, in the episode, is if you have two stories the complete antithesis of each other, perhaps you should rethink your career options.

It was a cool exercise. It was Episode 47 of Career Talk, check it out!

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