Day Hike on the Buckeye Trail Whipple Section

Hiking the Buckeye Trail

Round Bale Dressed for Halloween

I was lucky enough to have Sunday free to join Jerri and Karen on their hike on the Buckeye Trail in southern Ohio. This was on the “Whipple” Section. The Buckeye Trail is divided into sections, and it always feels good for a hiker to complete an entire map! Buckeye Trail Section Maps
(News flash: Karen and Jerri finished the Whipple Section on this hike!)

completing whipple

Circuit Hiking the Buckeye Trail

Karen and Jerri have less than 50 miles to go to complete circuit hiking the Buckeye Trail. What is circuit hiking? It’s another word for section hiking. Few hikers have the time to complete the entire 1440 mile Buckeye Trail in one effort-in fact, less than 20 hikers have done so.

How to Circuit Hike

One of the best ways is to find a friend who wants to hike with you! That way, you can stage a vehicle at each end. Shuttle one car to the end of your planned section, then drive back to the other. Sometimes there will be planned hikes. . The Buckeye Trail Association usually has some circuit hikes going on, you can check the website or on the Meet Up website.  A group just finished up their circuit hike of Ohio, which took place on one weekend a month which took about five years! Sometimes you can get a shuttle from a “Trail Angel”, someone who may live in the area, and be willing to give you a ride to the trail head, eliminating the double car shuffle

bridge sign

Electronic Maps Available

It’s becoming easier to follow the BT these days! The Buckeye Trail maps are available on paper and electronic versions, two of them!  We hiked with both. I was using the Avenza application,  Jerri and Karen had the Guthook guide.  (I actually didn’t take mine out of the backpack this day.) Between “following the blue blazes” and double checking with the Guthook app, we were easily able to follow the Trail.

Scenes From the Trail

A criticism I hear about the Buckeye Trail is: “There’s so much of it on roads.” Yes, about 50 percent of the current BT is on roads. But here are some views of the road hiking:

Bucolic scene Buckeye Trail

Bridge on road

Donkey on the Buckeye Trail

Bridge on a Blue Bird Sky Day

Have you hiked the roads of the Buckeye Trail? What’s your favorite section?

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