I Completed the Steel City Loop

I biked the Steel City Loop!

Steel City Loop Map


What is the Steel City Loop? It’s a bike route around the city of Pittsburgh. I did not make up this route, I found it courtesy of the Ohio River Trail  Council.  It’s been on my To Do Bike List for several years.

The route consists of using the Montour Trail, Riverfront Trail, Great Allegheny Passage, and the Steel Valley Trail around the city of Pittsburgh.

The Fleming Bridge closure put this on hold for most of 2019. The bridge reopened in August, and a few free days in my schedule appeared, the weather looked decent, so off I went! There will be another blog post on planning the route, but here’s how the trip went down.

Two Day Trip

On my planning post (to follow) I go over my planning details and why I rode the route I did.  The route is 82 miles, easily done in one day, but why push it when you don’t need to. I rode 30 miles on Day One, 52 miles Day Two.

Day One: Hendersonville to Neville Island

I started the trip off from Tandem Connection in Hendersonville, where I had permission to park overnight.   Leaves on the Montour Trail Thanks Tandem Connection! I headed off, north on the trail. I was familiar with most of this section, having biked to Coraopolis on a previous bike trip.

Road Construction McDonald

Great Day on the Trail

I picked great weather for this day! It was in the sixties and a bluebird day.

Unofficial Trail

I got to mile zero on the Montour Trail.  Salsa Bike Mile Zero Montour TrailThe route to follow would be bike to Route 51, or State Avenue to the Coraopolis Bridge. Which is a very busy road. OR, I could take the rather unofficial trail like route along the Montour Run…which leads over to the bridge. Rumor has it that this will be made into “official trail” sometime.

You bike under the Coraopolis Bridge, and there is a ramp leading up to the street.  

Coraopolis Bridge has a Sidewalk

Sidewalk Coraopolis Bridge

I was very relieved to see the bridge had a sidewalk. I had used Google Earth to check out all my bridges. The last thing I wanted was to have to bike in traffic, on a busy bridge.  Google did not really show a sidewalk, so this was a bonus on my last mile of riding for the day.

Fairfield Inn and Suites

Fairfield Inn and Suites was one mile down the road on Neville Island. Nobody blinked when I rolled my bike inside and up to my room. There is a convenient Kings restaurant next door, and a gas station across the street in case any necessities  are needed.

After working all night, a three hour nap, and a thirty mile bike ride, and two IPAs later, it was time for lights out!

Got time to read Part Two? Here it is!  Biking Steel City Loop Part Two

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